Nursery Safety Tips For Your Baby

When setting up a baby nursery, the safety of your child should be the first priority. When the child enters this world screaming and kicking, she relies upon you on her safety. Therefore, make sure to turn your baby nursery to good and safe zone.

Since you shall be spending most of your time in the nursery, make sure it is a good environment. Designing a dream nursery, it is out of love. However maintaining your baby safety is quite important as making up a beautiful nursery. There are some good and easy steps to ensure a healthy environment for your child.


Make sure to place the crib where you normally sleep. Avoid at all given times to sleep next to your newborn. This keeps away some accidents like crushing the baby during the night. It is a good measure to introduce the baby to her or his own crib from the beginning. Consider as much as possible the area surrounding the crib. When you realize the baby has started climbing, keep the crib away from the window. This is because the babies do not have the concept of injury and falling.

Make sure the room is totally smoke-free, just before bringing the baby home. Using tobacco substances around the baby can lead to sudden death. With many cribs available in the market, having the best can be an overwhelming task. While shopping for the best, get that is affordable and pass the current standards. Many parents now days are looking for the best convertible cribs 2017. These are some good baby cribs, used when the child is small and later on a big bed. A good example is Graco Freeport 4-in-1.

It is a good example of convertible cribs. The good thing concerning this product is that you can make it a toddler bed from a crib. It is a good crib to have in your nursery. The crib comes with different heights. Therefore, you can be able to adjust according to the needs of your baby. That makes you not to worry about your child falling out of the crib. It has easy assembling instructions.


A good manufacturer of your crib should recommend a good mattress. For the infant, always make sure to get the firm surface crib mattress. But if your baby is a toddler, a soft crib mattress is desirable to ensure utmost comfort. Many parents like to have foam mattress whereas some like to have the innerspring mattress. Too concerned parents like to have a good quality organic crib mattress for their little one. All of them are safe and good. When the baby is in the crib, you should remove all the toys. It is also healthy to remove the decorative pillows or excess blankets.


It is good to paint the nursery and have it look beautiful. However, if you paint use high water based and free from lead. These types of paint are available in the market also organic paints. Ensure the room must have good ventilation. When you finish painting, give it 2-3 days before occupying it.


It is very important to place the crib much away from the window. The best place is the opposite direction. Opt for the windows that do not have cords. Generally, it is good to keep all strings and ropes out of reach of the child.


As soon as your baby starts to crawl, put away all the floor lamps. A determined toddler can use anything within the rich and pull it. The lamp will just be a tip. Keep all the sockets closed. This will keep off the child from tampering with electricity. Try as much as possible not to use free-standing lamps. A toddler can easily pull these lamps.


Always choose the best bed for your child. If you use same bedding and mattress that your child has been using, the transition from crib to toddler bed is easier. Make sure that the bed is in good condition and cannot fall. Occasionally be checking the joint if your child likes jumping on the bed.

Choose a good toddler bed for boys that is not too high. A low bed reduces the chances of getting serious injuries, should the child fall. Select a bed that you can easily attach guardrails. They help the child to have safe sleep. They can as well hop out and in of the bed. Nursery tips for your baby are very important. They help to ensure the safety of your child. Consider them when setting up your dream nursery. You may also consult experts available.

I hope you like the safety guide and believe you will be able to safeguard your little angel from some common hazards following this guide. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and families so that they can learn these safety tips too.

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