Best Balance Bike for Kids Reviews – 2, 3 & 4 Year Olds

Lightweight Banana Bike LT is the cutest bike that will excite you by its working. It can be represented by your kid as a birthday gift as it will offer perfect sitting and ridding that your kids will love all the time. It is easily assembled, comes quickly and exactly as described on our website. You will have full confidence when purchasing this bike because it will serve your kid beyond expectations.

Balance bike for kids is sold as one size bike that will fit kids of different ages and heights. To achieve this, parents should consider tire size and seat height to determine the right bike for your child. For starters, parents should go for smaller edges tire for easy training although most toddlers outgrow them so quickly.

Although tire size is an overall indicator of bike size, its seat is the overall and accurate indicator of how the bike will fit your kid. To ride this bike comfortably, the seat should be adjusted that the child’s feet can hit and push off the ground while sitting comfortably on the bike seat. Since your child is still growing, it’s advisable that you purchase a bike with a maximum seat height of two inches above the child’s inseam. A balance bike is perfect for two to three-year kids until they adjust to regular kid’s bike.


Key features of “Lightweight Banana Bike LT” balance bike for kids

Balance Bike for Kids - 2, 3 & 4 Year Olds


  1. Balance bike for kids features upgraded design model with upgraded seat, bearings, and handlebars to ensure a smooth ride for your kids.
  2. It also features new release seat bracket and a new stronger metal headset to make it durable for years of continuous usage.
  3. It has original banana shaped bicycle frame that makes it ideal for eighteen months old toddlers and starters.
  4. It is light but strong for easy carrying as well as giving your kid maximum fun while riding the bicycle.
  5. This is a pedal bike with stabilizers to make your kid travel for longer distances than when using scooters.
  6. It features puncture prove EVA foam tires are making them perfect gift for Christmas or birthday fun for your kids and grandsons.
  7. Wheels have been upgraded to be durable and to resist damage.


  • It has puncture prove foam tires for comfortable riding.
  • They are designed using upgraded design model to make them of the latest version that is loved by many kids.
  • Its frame is banana shaped to make the bike ideal for starters and kids.
  • It is light and strong for easy carrying and durability.
  • The balance bike has stabilizers to enable kids rid for long distances without getting scared or tired.
  • They are manufactured and sold by recognized companies in the world hence assured of high-quality product.
  • It saves for parents as they can leave the child with the bike then attends to other duties in the family.
  • They come in different colors giving you an opportunity to choose your favorite color which will always impress you.


  • Training is required for this balance bike since starters cannot ride on their own without guidance.
  • Kids can outgrow them faster since they are perfect for two to three years kids.


Things to consider when choosing perfect balance bike

These bikes seem pretty simple, but it’s not a simple thing to choose the best bike for your kid. Riding experience for your kids varies greatly depending on the size, features, and qualities of your bike. Below are the main tips to consider when getting your child the best balance bike.



Size is the main important factor to consider when choosing best balance bike for your kid. Balance bikes are mainly one size that fits all but seat height and tire size should be considered when choosing the right bike for your child. Seat height is the accurate indicator of how a bike will fit your child. The seat should be modified such that the child’s feet can hit and push the ground while sitting comfortably on the bike. This will give the child self-balancing minimizing the chances of falling. It is advisable that you purchase a bike with a maximum seat height of at least two inches to allow room for growth.


Breaks are the main source of stopping when riding a balance bike. Breaks prevent injury, save kids shoes and prepare a child to ride a bike. Children should be trained to use hand breaks in conjunction with their feet for faster and safer stopping. This skill once mastered will help your kid on regular bikes when they grow up. Parents should go for balance bikes with hand breaks since they are the best and will give you peace of mind since your child is always safe when riding.



The balance bike is designed mostly for kids whose parents are always busy to avoid destruction and disturbances when doing their duties. They are perfect for kids between two to three years old and require minimal training since they have supporting tires. They are sold at a pocket-friendly price to the extent that all parents can willingly purchase them for their kids. The material used in the manufacture of this bike is of high quality to ensure durability and long life of continuous use of the bike.

Our bikes are fitted with instant hand breaks to ensure safety for your kid. They are designed and manufactured by highly qualified persons who are widely known for their services to customers. They are available in different colors to enable you to choose your favorite color that fits and pleases your eyes. Make your order today and restore the happiness for your kid with this balance bike. It also makes your child healthy since its used as an exercise tool to ensure body muscles are working well. Your child can also use this bike to go to school hence saving you the cost of hiring other means.


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