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What is an electric scooter:

Now, as you are looking for the best electric scooter for kids, I assume you already know what a electric scooter is! But if you don’t, no worries. I will give you a quick heads up on electric scooters and how it works.

Electric scooters are no complicated machines, it’s just one or two motors driving the two or three wheels forward, with the power of a battery located inside the scooter. Basically it operates like other scooters, just the power comes from the battery instead of any fuel like petrol or something.

And obviously, the battery is rechargeable, so it’s cheap comparing to other scooters regarding fuel cost, and it’s Eco-friendly!


Best electric scooter for kids 2018

With so many options available, having their unique good and bad things, I know it really is hard to find the best electric scooter for you kid. Don’t worry, We have spent hours on this, and have done the hard work for you! We know about every electric scooter available in the market, and can help you finding the Perfect quality scooter for your kids.

Here, we (our expert team) give you every information about a product that we have found through the research we’ve done. We’ll focus on goods of a product, and bad as well, depending on consumer reviews, which the manufacturer doesn’t reveal.

We’ll focus on giving you the most important details about an individual electric scooter, like top speeds, charge times and safety, and we can help you decide by comparing them with their related product.

So, from our kids electric scooter reviews, you’ll get to know pros and cons of all the electric scooter for kids, details on their main features, and recommendation from our experts.

We’ll also add any useful content related to the product, like videos, info-graphics etc. In short, this will be the last website you need to become an “expert” on how to choose the best kids electric scooter!


So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started finding the best electric scooter for kids 2018!

First, we’ve formed to comparison table for you, to help you compare the features of best electric scooters for kids available in the market.

Then, we’ve included a quick buying guide for you to help you choose the right one, letting you know which things you should consider while buying an electric scooter for your kid.

Then, we’ve included snippet review of each product and a reliable link you can buy it from with a discount, and get the lowest price around!

There you Go!!



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A quick buying guide, Things you should consider while choosing the best electric scooter for kids

Speed and Power

Well, many people might think, the more power a scooter has or the more speed it can gain, the better it is. NO! not in this case! It can be potentially unsafe for your kid. As they are kids, not matured adults, they might get carried away with the adrenaline rush and drive to scooter at too much speed, which may cause an accident!

So, I suggest choosing a scooter that has decent speed, which is good enough to have fun, but not to get an accident.

And this ‘decent’ term varies depending on kids’ age. I suggest for a kid under 10 or 11, around 10 mph is good. And for an older kid around 12 or 13, 13-15 mph is good.


Braking and safety

Obviously, you wanna ensure your kids’ safety first. So, having an eye scooters’ braking is important. But luckily, most of the kids electric scooter reviews I’ve provided below has good braking.

And, I prefer hand operated rear braking, from my experience about these machines. Because, rear braking is always a bit safer and hand operated brakes will help your kid to act faster in emergency situations.

Build quality and Durability

A scooter, having good build quality which ensures better lasting, and having a sturdy feeling on it, is always better. And the scooter might go through some tough time, as a kid will be using it.

So, to ensure durability, and ensuring that it doesn’t break down while you kid is using it, you should have an eye on build quality and material it’s made from. Steel is good in this case, by the way! And again, the kids electric scooter reviews I’ve provided below, most of them are made of steel.


Let’s look at some Top Kids Electric Scooter Reviews

Here I’ve provided some kids electric scooter reviews, which I think are better , among the ones available in the market now. These are probably the good  electric scooter for kids 2018. You can check the customer reviews of them, the link will be included with every snippet review.

 Razor E100 Kids ’ Electric Scooter: Best electric scooter for 6-8 year old


Read More Customer Reviews

Quick Technical Details:

Maximum user weight: 54kg or 120 pounds
Item weight: 28.99 lbs
Item Dimensions: 36 x 16 x 32.5 inches
Material Type: Steel
Top Speed: 10 mph
Battery: 24V and Rechargeable
Riding Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous usage
Battery Full Charge Time: 12 hours (Continue charging till this time even if the light turns green)
Braking: Hand operated rear brake, good quality one!
Fold-able: Yes!


Key Features:

  • Decent fast, Not too much, so safe for younger kids.
  • Sleek design
  • An adjustable handlebar adapts user of different heights.
  • Braking is good, not too hard or soft, stops it steadily and the scooter is overall safe for kid
  • Good value for money

Overview:The best feature of this item that makes the parents’ tension free is its safety, because of its low maximum speed of 10 mph! Parents do not need to put continuous supervision on kids, and kids will also enjoy riding it because it is very easy to handle.

Unlike most other electric scooters from razor, it can be folded. That’s one good feature of it to save space.

The scooter comes with necessary accessories like charger and other. However, a helmet is not included, so I recommend getting a custom one.

Another good thing about this model is its replacement parts are easily available. So in the case of any part getting damaged, there will be nothing much to worry!

It is a kick start scooter. Means your kid will need to give it a small manual kickoff for a speed up to 3mph, then the motor will start automatically.

Overall, it is a highly recommended electric scooter for kids aged 8 years or around by most of the experts.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter: Best Razor electric scooter for 10-15 year old

Razor E200 Electric Scooter,electric scooter for kids.jpgRead More Customer Reviews

Quick Technical Details:

For user level: Beginner
Maximum user weight: 154 pounds
Item weight: 38.69 lbs
Item Dimensions: 40.94 x 16.81 x 37.68 inches
Material Type: Steel
Top Speed: 12 mph
Battery: 24V (2 12V Batteries) and Rechargeable
Ride Time: Up to 40 minutes continuous usage
Battery Charging Time:Up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green. Manufacturer Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours. 12-hour initial charging is also recommended.
Braking: Hand controlled rear break.
Fold-able: No

Key Features:

  • High-performance motor, produces good torque, can speed up to 12 mph.
  • Well built, includes nice spring-loaded kickstand.
  • Has a handy twist grip throttle system, good brake for safety.
  • Feels sturdy, comfortable and it’s durable.


The E200 is considered the slightly smaller cousin of the E300, while being the bigger cousin to the E100. It produces more power than both of them but is safe too with its good braking system.

This one is popular with young teenagers as it is not big as E300. And this scooter suits the beginner better. Though its powerful motor can give an adrenaline rush to the elders also.

This scooter can be started from a stationary position, no ‘push start’ is needed! And the machine is ultra-quiet, as it is an electric power driven machine and the motor also do not make any noise.

The brakes are good quality hand operated rear brakes. Opinions may vary but as an expert, I personally prefer hand brakes more than foot-operated brakes. Because the response time stays much less for hand brakes and thus it feels safer to me.

This E200 scooter is pretty lightweight, about 40 lbs only. So it is easy for kids to handle this. This enhances its safety. And in some case, if the battery goes out of power, it is also easy to pull this scooter for being lightweight.

The scooter is recommended for kids around 13. But, I’ve seen many younger kids have been using it without any problem. Anyway, around 10+ seems to be able to ride this easily. But if he/she has an experience of riding other scooters like E100, it won’t be a problem to ride this one even he/she is 9 or 10.

The Razor E200 Electric Kids Scooter is a very well performing scooter in the mid-weight category.It’s neither too fast, nor too slow, kind of perfect regarding power and speed. It’s a sturdy and solid built scooter that can carry most kids and young teenagers. Brakes are good enough to provide safety. Battery life is decent but not great. Razor E200 can be a great choice if you are balancing performance with safety and price.

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter: Best electric scooter for 8-15 year old

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

Read More Customer Reviews

What does “S” stand for? Yes, you guessed it right. The Razor E200S is very similar to the E200 regarding technical details. The E200S has just an extra seat with it to provide more comfort.

There’s also a matter of preference. There are kids who like to stand on a scooter and have some extra fun. Again, there are some who prefer a sitting position. So, more than comfort, preference comes into play.

To mention, the seat is removable. So your kid can enjoy riding this sitting or standing. And , you can use it for both girl and boy kid. So, it’s a win-win game for you.

Though, there can be a slight difference between them to adapt the seat better, and making sure that there’s no harm on ‘aerodynamic’ thing. But it’s not that noticeable even.

And, the price of E200S seated one is a bit higher than E200. But, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker over your kids’ preference.

So, if you like the technical details of E200, you better ask your kid, if he/she prefers a seat or not! According to his/her preference, go for it!

To mention, I personally prefer the seated one for girl kids.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter: Best for adult kids like 10-18 old

When you are choosing an electric scooter you can not ignore the name “Razor”. And the E300 is another powerful electric scooter for kids from razor with a larger deck, frame, and tires, making it somewhat suitable even for adults. This scooter can handle user of 220 lbs and can get a top speed of15 mph! So you probably guessed already that it is designed for bigger kids/ older teenagers.

RAZOR E300 full reviewsRead More Customer Reviews

Quick Technical Details:

Made for: Older teenagers, even somewhat adults!
Maximum user weight: 220 pounds
Item weight: 53.69 lbs
Item Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 42 inches (L x W x H)
Material Type: Steel
Top Speed: 15 mph
Battery: 24V, Rechargeable
Ride Time: Up to 40 minutes continuous usage
Battery Charging Time: Up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green. Manufacturer Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours. 12-hour initial charging is also recommended.
Braking: Hand controlled front break.
Fold-able: No

Key Features:

  • Powerful and Speedy enough to have fun, not enough to be a menace on the street or sidewalk
  • Ultra-quiet single speed chain-driven, high-torque producing motor
  • A full-size scooter, for senior teenagers
  • Good quality battery proved itself durable, and the battery charger is UL approved.
  • Very quick charging save your valuable time.

The Razor E300 is a full sized electric scooter for kids which is big and powerful. The scooter suits better the senior teenagers. Recommended minimum age to ride this is 13 years. It can a bit tough for young teenagers to handle this. It can be the perfect option for households who have intended only to buy a single scooter to share among the kids in their mid-teens, and adults as well.

The Ultra-quiet single speed chain-driven motor of it produces enough torque, to speed it up to 15 mph. Again, this speed suits older kid better. This speed is enough to have fun for older kids, not to be a menace on the street or sidewalk.

The hand operated front brake is found very efficient. It is enough to stop this comparatively powerful, big and heavy machine steadily. With power, this scooter ensures safety as well.

The E300 starts off from a standing position, easier comparing to other models of razor like E100, whose motor requires a small manual kickoff.

This scooter also features large 9.8-inch pneumatic tires, which makes it also a good performer off-road.The large, wide tire of it can handle bumps and performs pretty solid on gravel too. Means, a bit more fun for your kid.

The E300 electric scooter was reported as “well-built” by its consumers. It feels sturdy and premium. It can handle users of such big numbers (220 lbs max), thus you can have an idea how well-built it had to be.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fold down to save space. But definitely, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

The Razor E300 is definitely an improved version of E200, though its not fully smooth! It has some goods over the other models of razor, but has some bad also like the “Un-fold-ability”. But if money is a factor, I’ll say it’s a great value for money and it’s a go!


Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter: Perfect age range 9-15

razor 300s seated

Read More Customer Reviews

Again, just like the E200 and The E200S, the case it also similar between E300 and E300S. They are like sisters, one is just well decorated with a seat.

Therefore, Performance stays the same, in this case also. A little change can be there regarding ‘Dimensions’. But I know, you wouldn’t even notice it.

And, its also a win-win game like the E200S, because its’ seat is removable too. So, both you girl and boy kid can enjoy this!

And, there’s a little price variation in this case also. About 25-30 bucks. But as I said, it can’t be a deal breaker over your kids’ performance.

So, the verdict line will also be same here. First, look at the technical details of reviews. If you like the E300, ask your kid for preference about the seat. Then, go for it! And, as I said before, the seated version suits the girls’ better, though you boy can also enjoy it without the seat.

Caution: It will run slowly little bit for heavy rider…

Razor E90 Kids’ Electric Scooter:

The E90 from Razor is a small and very lightweight scooter that suits the younger kids more! Kids around 8 years can ride it easily. This small scooter is made off a solid steel frame, providing long lasting durability and a sturdy feeling on it. It’s integrated with all the necessary features including a push button throttle, an enhanced foot brake, spring loaded kickstand, and rubber grips.

Top speed is not that high, 9 mph, which is very suitable for a kid around 8, as more speed can be tough to handle by them, causing an unwanted accident!

Best Electric Scooters For Kids and Adults

Read More Customer Reviews

Quick Technical Details:

Made for: younger kids
Maximum user weight: 120 pounds
Item weight: 22.05 lbs
Item Dimensions: 31″ x 14″ x 33″ (L x W x H)
Material Type: Steel
Top Speed: 9 mph
Battery: 12V, Rechargeable
Ride Time: Up to 50 minutes ( It’s lighter, so even with a less powerful battery, it can provide same or more backup than other scooters)
Battery Charging Time: Up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green. Manufacturer Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours. 12-hour initial charging is also recommended.
Braking: Enhanced rear foot brake
Fold-able: No

Key Features:

  • Lightweight all steel frame and fork, yet solid and sturdy, durable.
  • Powerful enough motors to provide enough speed to get fun, not to get an accident because of over-speed.
  • Some small yet good features like Retractable kick stand Soft rubber grips
  • Being small, very lightweight, less speed producing with good braking, perfectly suits younger kids.


Razor E90 is a balanced scooter for younger kids. While building the machine, safety was given priority. As a result, it’s lightweight, means easy to handle for younger kids. And also It’s not that speedy. It’s 9mph top speed will provide fun to your kid, not an accident.

It also has an enhanced rear braking system. Rear brakes are considered safer for kids. And the brake is a good quality one and dependable, according to it’s consumers.

It uses a simple kick-start motor and can speed up to 9 mph. The motor is chain-driven, high-torque and ultra quiet.

This scooter is made from a solid steel frame, promising durability and sturdy feeling. Consumers have reported that their kid could use this machine, for years, with minor maintenance.

Being lightweight, the razor E90 kids electric scooter doesn’t only help the kids to handle it better, but it also offers better battery backup. The E90 scooter features are 12V sealed lead acid battery system, which is less powerful comparing to other electric scooters. Hence it provides more usage time, about 50 minutes just because of its being very lightweight and small and consuming less power to run.

This E90 kids’ electric scooter can be a great choice for your kid, aged around 8 years. It will provide enough fun and will ensure safety as well with its good handling and braking. And, because it is lightweight, means easy to handle, and enough speedy, your kid will enjoy a ton riding it!

And, it’s very much affordable, quite low-priced than other kids electric scooters. It’s a win-win one.

So, that’s it. Here I’ve reviewed the best electric scooter for kids 2017-1018. Hope you have enjoyed my kid’s electric scooter reviews. If you have any question, leave it in the comment below. I’ll be happy to answer

Top 5 Best Electric Scooter With Seat For Kids Reviews

 1- Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter:

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

This is the younger version of E300s. A full decked and full sized scooter, designed for all age of people. And, it’s constructed with removable seat. The deck and seat are so efficient so that you can put your feet comfortably keeping more space alone on the deck.

Removable seat post to allow to ride with or without sitting on it and padded seats for more comfort. The best feature of it is the ultra-quiet chain driven motor, which makes less noise than any other scooters of the market. And, the high-torque powerful engine is powered by the 22v battery which is set under the deck.With the hand-throttle acceleration, you’ll be able to speed up and down at any time with accuracy. And, it has a kickstand for instant stopping and starts on. This is how E200s improves its way to make a mark on the best electric scooter with seat for kids.

2. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter:

This is the younger version of vespas! A full decked and full sized scooter, designed for all age of people. And, it’s constructed with removable seat. The deck and seat are so efficient so that you can put your feet comfortably keeping more space alone on the deck.

Micro Mini,best scooter for kids3

Removable seat post to allow to ride. sitting on it and padded seats for more comfort. The best feature of it is the ultra-quiet chain driven motor, which makes less noise than any other scooters of the market. And, the high-torque powerful engine is powered by the 22v battery which is set under the deck.

With the hand-throttle acceleration, you’ll be able to speed up and down at any time with accuracy. And, it has a kickstand for instant stopping and starts on. This is how improves Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter its way to make a mark on the best electric scooter with seat for kids


3. Room 120W Kids Folding Electric Motorized Scooter with Seat:

Here comes a sleek and slim electric scooter with seat for kids of 7 years and above. With the dimension of 29″L x 5″W x 37″H, it’ll be able to support kids to teens.

Room 120W Kids Folding Electric Motorized Scooter with Seat

Having the maximum speed of 7.5 mph, it can go 6.2 miles to 9.3 miles riding distance, if fully charged once. The speed may seem little less to you, but that’s why it is safer for kids and young teens.Furthermore, the kickstand makes it easier for kids to keep it parked and go further instant. The detachable seat also offers you to ride, standing upon the deck as well. You can recharge the battery easily with the charger included.

4.Aosom 120W Teen Folding Electric Scooter with Seat:

Aosom 120W Teen Folding Electric Scooter with Seat

This versatile scooter is perfect for teens and adult. With the more advanced structure of steel and aluminum, people of any age can ride it on. The advanced feature includes bigger deck and larger pedal.The accelerator and the brake are pretty cool to operate. Also, the scooter gives you 8.1 max speed. It takes 6-7 hours to get fully charged and when fully charged once, it can go over 6.5-9.3 miles.

Detachable seat allows you to get more space on the deck, also, gives you an easy option for simple storage and transport. The engine of this scooter is quieter and sounds less.

5.Super Turbo 1000 Watt Elite 36V Electric Scooter:

This is the bigger, stronger and the most stylish scooter super turbo 1000. This toughest scooter is constructed with more durable components, which made it one of the toughest scooter of the market.

Super Turbo 1000 Watt Elite 36V Electric Scooter, Red

With, a 36v engine which is run by 1000watt battery speeds up to 26mph speed. Though the speed varies on the rider’s weight, it can bear up to 250lb.With Econo mode for distance and Turbo mode for speed, you can ride easily on both plain roads and bushy grass terrains. The bigger powerful weight capacity scooter also has a detachable seat. You can easily remove it and ride standing on the strong deck.

It has more features like, turn-key ignition, Dual rear shocks, folding in the very short time limit, twist throttle and so on. Get it soon. Before, it gets out of a market.

Benefits of Getting Electric Kids Scooters for Your Child

Buying toys for kids is one purchasing that parents experience and look ahead to. And with the wide variety of toys available within the marketplace from diverse reputed brands, the venture will become a laugh and informative often. there are many toys which can help the children to study classes that would be beneficial inside the future life. as an example, shopping a physician’s kit allows them to research the fundamental obligations of a doctor. You may give your little one the best baby walker who is about to learn his first step. some other example of an item that you could purchase is children’ scooters. There are one-of-a-kind benefits in shopping for your toddler a scooter.

Increase self-confidence:

If you are a discerning you would know that kids continually sense wonderful approximately themselves whilst they may be given an accountable undertaking that they can efficiently whole. Scooters require the youngsters to discover ways to drive them and as a consequence cause them to pass alongside the street through themselves. For them using the scooter without hurting themselves and others is a large obligation and pleasurable this obligation is a tremendous confidence booster. It also makes the children be part of their peers and get their approval and consequently becoming a part of a social group of his or her very own age, once more another cause for enhancing the feeling of their 310eaa1671f8cdca56bbfcd482325088. besides, the independence it gives them and the possibility to exit and have a laugh makes the idea of scooters all the more desirable.

Gain balance :

Kids scooters are the first-class manner to make youngsters advantage balance on 2 wheelers or 3 wheelers. And fortuitously for you, they’re constantly loopy approximately riding scooters and bikes and hence, you would not want to persuade them to attempt out the scooter. And with a little push and encouragement and some harmless falls, they always grasp the artwork of balancing on scooters without a doubt fast. The urge to join their buddies with scooters assist too.

Improve fitness and awareness:

using a bicycle has usually been a super manner of maintaining your frame healthy and scooters are just the first step towards that. though it may not be as good as riding a cycle, riding the scooters is truly better than sitting on a sofa and gambling video games or online first man or woman shooters. except, it allows in gaining knowledge of to concentrate and consciousness on various things on the identical time like preserving an eye fixed on the street as well as at the rear view reflector balancing even as turning the corners and fending off collision in opposition to others on the street.

Learn rules and how to ride on the road:

Although kids may not be allowed to power on highways and roads with heavy traffic, owning and using a scooter could make them research the simple visitor’s guidelines, a lesson that they in any other case would possibly have observed dully. this will be a remarkable help later when they own a bike or an automobile and begin their real riding lessons.

Have an enjoyable and fun:

For all youngsters, owning a car in their own way having fun with friends and socializing with classmates and neighbors. Spending time at the scooters with different youngsters of similar age and going to the park or seashore to play can get them engage with peers and learn to mingle with others inside the society. also, this could keep away from the disappointment of not belonging to a group just due to the fact they don’t have a vehicle of their very own. teaching your child to ride the scooter and driving one in conjunction with them allows the mother and father additionally to have satisfactory time with children.


Final Verdict:  Electric Scooter For Kids:

You have chosen an best electric scooter for kids, now what!Actually, you just can’t buy a scooter and start riding it on roads.You also have to wear proper safety gears for riding on roads. Because, there are scooters that generate more speed and when you are riding on the road, any fatal situation or accident can happen.

That is why, you have to wear safety gears, knee pad, hand pad, gloves and most importantly helmet.And, now, why you will buy it! It is because when your kid is sitting at home idly doing just to nothing. If you buy him a scooter, he’ll at least go outside and roam around.

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