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Scooter is one of the most popular rides among people of all ages, from kids to adults. Everyone can ride it. Scooters are the really amazing ride to make you pro-active and are a great ride to pass your lazy times. Coming with attractive designs, scooters have different sizes and options, from which you can choose the best that fits you. It is also a unique ride to save time in roads, improve your health and burn calories. Lots of of scooters are in the market, push ones, electric ones. Read more: https://forscooter.com/category/blog/




My name is Samuel M. Meeks and I am a scooter lover! I found the scooter very innovative and founded this website to share my experiences and help you to buy a scooter. For the first time, I saw scooter. I found it a very outstanding ride with lots of serious features that is very useful to us in real life. I started to research, experiencing new scooters and use them. Until now, I have bought and used more than 70 scooters, and if I kept these experiences just into me, it would become valueless. So, I decided to share my experiences and let you know about this amazing ride. I also have mentioned some of the brands that you may like. I created this site just to help you guys and reduce the surfing you’ll do on the Internet about finding the best scooter. You’ll get all information from my website but don’t do anything in haste. Take time, read and see, then buy it.




I write for people who are interested about the scooter. So, I have divided my web-information in two major section. I have tried to showcase my experiences so exactly that you can feel and visualize what I have said. So, I have not bragged so much about products, but I gave the just and exact experiences. On the other hand, I have given some reviews of some scooters that I have used previously. I have divided the SCOOTER FOR KIDS and SCOOTER FOR ADULTS. Find here :

Adult scooters: https://forscooter.com/electricscooterforadults

Kid’s scooters: https://forscooter.com/best-electric-scooter-kids

Well, I didn’t buy all of them but people were so kind at Facebook and some gave me to check their scooters. I have opened a Facebook page to let people know about my reviews easily.Read my reviews about best scooters from here : https://forscooter.com/best-electric-scooter-kids


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I have a large number of viewers here at my website, which is a blessing for me! Those who look only for exact experiences, and reviews are my viewers. They come here for some reasons;


Firstly, I never let them disappointed by putting some under-quality reviews. So, people who have started or trying to get started read my articles. If you are also a scooter lover, read my article, I am sure, I have something that you didn’t know! I also have done some rating of the best scooters of 2016-17.

Find TOP ELECTRIC SCOOTERS OF 2016-17 here : https://forscooter.com/best-electric-scooter-kids

Secondly, I also have made some videos that will make you understand and visualize more. You can see my videos from here. There are no shortcomings in my articles, people love to read the exact reviews and come here.


See my you tube channel from here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Forscooter




Nobody is perfect. Though I have tried to give you, the exact and prior information but there can be any mistakes. So, help me to find those things out. You can ask me silly questions, trust me. I won’t mind at all. Leave me, a message through contact us page  and I’ll reply to you as soon I can do. You can give me advice or take some ideas. You are always welcomed. Find us on twitter:: https://twitter.com/forscooter