Best Scooter for Kids | Details Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the best scooter for kids– is not an easy job, is it? But I’m gonna make it so. Go through this comprehensive guide to find out more.A scooter is a definite fun item for your kid, with some adrenaline rush. Thus It can be an awesome birthday or any other gift for your male and female kid.But, as a parent, you need to make sure that it remains a fun item for them, not a harmful item. But how a scooter can be harmful?

Well, a scooter of low quality might break down at the time of using, causing an accident. And if its braking system’s not good, that can be a real mess.Again, an over-speedy scooter for your comparatively lower aged kid is a danger machine.

Choosing the best scooter for kids, is it confusing?

Well, it’s obvious. Wkids scooter confusionith so many kinds, like electric, kick and other; good and bad products under a section, classification of age and speed, and there are too many options available. So it can be really confusing for someone to choose the right scooter for kids, more specifically the perfect scooter for his/her kid who doesn’t have vast experience in buying these things.

But, not to worry. We’re here to help. We know these things very well and have a vast experience on these this kind of machines. We’ll break down all the options and will create a funnel for you, and go through that you’ll find the best suitable scooter for you kid that meets every criterion. We’ll make you find the perfect scooter for your kids.

To help you choose the scooter for kids, we’ve formed a comparison table for you. Thus you can compare between the best scooters for kids in the market in 2018. Then, We will recommend the perfect scooter under every section.

PhotoNameWeight Capacity
Radio Flyer My 1st ScooterRadio Flyer Red50 lbs4.8 pounds2-3
Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick ScooterRazor Jr. Folding45 lbs4 pounds2-4
Razor Jr. Lil' Kick ScooterRazor Jr. Lil’ Kick65 lbs5.18 pounds3+
YBIKE GLX PRO 3-Wheel Kick ScooterYBIKE GLX PRO110 lbs4.7 pounds5-10
Micro Mini Original Kick ScooterMicro Mini Kick44+ lbs3.5 pounds2-5
RAZOR A KICK SCOOTERRazor A Kick Scooter143+ lbs5.45 pounds5-14
Razor A5 Lux ScooterRazor A5 Lux220+ lbs9.4 pounds8-20
RAZOR E100 ELECTRIC SCOOTERRazor E100 Electric 120 lbs25.35 pounds8-16
Fuzion Z250 Pro ScooterFuzion Z250 Pro220 lbs8.4 pounds8-18


Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity. ~Kay Redfield Jamison

Our Top Recommendations Good Scooter For Kids:

Here, we’ve recommended the scooter for kids, not regarding their type. They can be electric or kick. But the verdict line is, they’re good, and strong content for being the best scooter.If you’ve fixed your mind to buy a particular type of scooter, you can browse through other pages of this website, where we’ve discussed the kid’s scooter of a particular category.

Toddlers Scooter

Best Scooters For Toddlers

We state kids aged from 1years to 4years as toddlers. In this age, they have learned to walk newly and keep walking and running all day long with his cute little legs. In this age, they love to play with toys that help them walk or run. Scooter for toddlers does the same thing. These scooters safe, light and normally push scooters. Toddlers love them because it is a fun ride made only for little kids from 2-4 years.

There are lots of things in scooters that you should keep in mind. These are wheels, weight, height, and features. These play an important role in riding your kid a scooter.

  • Wheel: IT is one the most important part of the scooter because a scooter runs on wheels. The more it’ll be bigger the more it’ll deliver comfort to your kids riding. Some scooter has plastic and PVC wheels, which don’t give much traction while riding. Traction is too important when you are riding a scooter because, without it, the scooter may slip. So look for wheels that are made with rubber and other rubbery substance.
  • Lightweight: You have to search down the most lightweight scooter in the market because it is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind. As the scooter is kicked scooters for toddlers, and your kid has to ride it by pushing it onwards, so, it is better when it is light in weight. Then your toddler will be happy to get a super smooth kick scooters for toddlers that listens to him!
  • Height: Height is also a noticeable factor as it hard for kids to ride a scooter bending their back. And bending back too long, proves fatal in some cases. There are scooters with adjustable T-bar, which allows you to adjust the height.
  • Carrying And Fold-able: One day my little girl about 2 years, when newly started scooting, after enough workout(!) , asked me to carry the scooter. Don’t laugh, you may face the same question when your kids be tired? It is easier to carry a fold-able scooter.
  • Seated And Non-Seated: You will find seated and non-seated scooter in the market. Be serious, if your child is 2 years, then you can buy a seated scooter to help him to walk. The seat is also detachable, so you can attach the seat when you want and detach it after the need is over. You can buy a ride on scooters for toddlers for your kid’s comfort.

My 1st Scooter Sport Color: Pink

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to reach back into the past and build an antique model that looks very attractive to the eye. Even when it applies to designing a kid’s scooter, this can be a very good move. So, for parents who are looking for a blast from the past for their own children, you should like what the Radio Flyer – My 1st Scooter Sports Color: Pink has to offer. Particularly, if you like an adorable pink for your child to sport any place that they want to go.

My 1st Scooter Sport Color


  • This little scooter can be described as a Classic in its overall design
  • Comes with three wheels (one in front — 2 in the back) so it is easy for a child to keep their balance when riding
  • Made with an Extra-wide base in order to promote a much better balance
  • Designed with Improved steering features that helps a child to develop their coordination
  • Easy-to-use foot break has been included to ensure the child has better control
  • Comes in an Adorable pink hue Pros
  • Makes a great gift for people who want a scooter that people will remember.
  • Nicely built and comes with real rubber tires instead of plastic
  • Helps kids with learning better coordination at an early age
  • Easy for children to learn how to ride and navigate
  • Built with high quality that is made to last
  • (77lbs) weight capacity

Best scooter for 2-3 year old

Radio Flyer My First Scooter; 

Though there are many different types of scooters on the market today, some of which have been designed for specific purposes. Since scooters can be used by adults and children, the types that a parent buys for their child may suit the needs of those at the age of 2. Since these little tiny people need their own special design to assist them with the ultimate ride, the manufacturers of the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter have taken these requirements in mind. From making sure the 2 year old can get a firm grip with their feet before pushing off to designing an attractive red color and model that they can enjoy as their own, this scooter has a lot to offer to those want the best for their child.

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter


  • This scooter comes with an extra-wide base that has been made for maximum stability so that the child can stand firm as they begin to push themselves off with the other foot.
  • To give additional control for them to ride smoothly, manufacturers have included a foot brake
  • To assist with controlling the steering from one destination to another, there are 2 larger wheels in front
  • Designers have included a Tapered base that gives the rider a chance to create a clear kick path • Comes with an ergonomic grip handle
  • Hold the maximum weight of 50-Pounds for each child that rides


  • This scooter is great for both boys and girls and it is easy to ride
  • Children can ride outdoors and indoors too if they want to keep on riding on a rainy day
  • Parent like this scooter because it is steady and not easily tipped over.
  • To help the little riders with learning how to grip the bottom of the scooter firmly, the very top of the scooter, where the feet have been designed to go, have raised sections in order to help them with getting the best grip.
  • Indoor raining days parents do not have to worry about scuff marks on their floors since the wheels are made of plastic.
  • Parent says that this scooter has been built to last. Specifically, because it has been passed down from one child to the next as they get older.
  • Safety features built into the design since the bottom is significantly wider and allows the person to get their foot on and hold their own balance without slipping off.
  • It is very easy for children to learn to hang on to quickly without any required help at all.


  • Turning the scooter in different directions can be just a little difficult at first for the 2 year old. However, some people feel that it is deigned this way and not a defect in the design.

Great for 2-4 year old

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Not all scooters are the same since manufacturers are designing their scooters for specific target audiences. So, for those parents are who are looking for a starter scooter for children that they want to be safe and stable for their rides, they may want to start by looking at the features, pros and the cons of the Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter. This scooter has a lot of great features that the manufacturers are offering, and they take quite a few needs into consideration including, building a scooter that is easy for parents to transport and store as they move around from one location to the next.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter


  • Manufacturers have made this scooter with a 3-wheel design that provides its riders with great stability, even the for novice riders
  • Comes with 3 different types of materials to make it last and safer for small children (i.e. Aluminum, High-quality steel, and plastic construction)
  • To make it easy to carry around from one place to another by the children and the parents, it comes with a folding mechanism.
  • Users like the portability of being able to place the scooter into compact storage areas so it is very convenient way for putting away out of sight
  • Made with a wide, slip-resistant Polypropylene deck design
  • To make it easy to handle and grip, manufacturers have made it with easy-to-grip soft foam handles
  • Parents will find this scooter to be Quick and easy to assemble


  • Children can use this scooter to learning how to balance themselves easily. Since it is relatively common for kids to fall down a lot while they are playing, it has been made with light plastic materials that will not hurt them while they are playing. Therefore, parents do not have to concern themselves with metal materials that can cause cuts and bruising.
  • Made of Nice, good quality materials and construction so it is built to last.
  • Assembly is very easy so virtually anyone who knows how to put things together can do it with ease.
  • Parents will find this scooter a big plus for those who like to carry their kid’s toys with them from Grandmas house to the nanny. Specifically, because it is made of a folding handlebar that makes it very easy for them to simply throw into the backseat of any car or van
  • Children love to plan on this scooter because it is easy for them to learn and manoeuvre around.


One primary issue that some have found with this specific scooter involves the actual base of the scooter. Particularly, some people say that the base is too light because it is made of plastic. Therefore, when children are riding they tend to tip over because the weight of the scooter is top heavy. Some say that it should have been made of a metal base instead.

3-wheel scooter for age 2-5

Vokul VK-1281F LED: Another Best scooter for toddlers

Most children love to play with their toys. Even at the age of 2 years old, they prefer to keep busy with the toys that they enjoy the most. As with any child, one of the best ways to spend a lot of their time is on their own scooter. So, today’s parents are often starting early finding the scooters that they like, provide a safe ride and will last them until they can go to the next level. Therefore, for those parents who are looking for a scooter that they can equip their child with for the best experience possible, they may want to check out the Vokul VK-1281F LED light 3 Wheel Mini Kick Scooter with Adjustable Height(Green Material/Durable Frame).

Vokul VK-1281F LED light 3 Wheel Mini Kick Scooter with Adjustable Height


  • Known by the name “Mini Kick”, many parents like it because it is a great quality choice in 3-wheel scooter.
  • Comes with an Adjustable T-bar that parents can change based on the child’s size and height.
  • Made with a safe lean-to-steer mechanism that makes it very easy for the child to turn right and left
  • To protect their little hands from hurting when they are riding, this scooter is designed with a hand grip that is very soft to the touch.
  • The wheel for this scooter have been made with anti-abrasive and shock-absorbing Polyurethane with ABEC that gives the users a smooth glide around where ever they may go.
  • The back deck of this scooter has been reinforced with Super wide ABS in order for the rider to have the extra stability fit that is needed. So, the rider can place both feet on the scooter and be comfortable while they are riding.
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with a 35Kg (77lbs) weight capacity


  • Manufacturers have designed this scooter with an efficient braking system that’s located in the rear. This design makes the scooter more safe.
  • Designed to be very quiet on wood floors and will not scar or mark them up so they can play without parents concerned about riding their scooters inside of their homes.
  • Parents can make adjust to the scooter without using any type of instrument • Designed to make it easy for the child to figure out. For instance, some kids are able to figure out that a lean can help to turn their scooters where ever they want to go.
  • Makes a great gift for others who want to give a present that helps with the kids motor skills at an early age.
  • Made with light up wheel so it easy to follow the child’s path at night

Best Scooter for 3+ year old

Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter (Pink)

Do you want to buy the best scooter for 3 year & older ? One model that you should consider is the two wheel Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter which is pink and comes in frustration free packaging. This mini review looks at all you need to know about it.



Aluminum (Aircraft-Grade):It’s sturdy since it’s made of aluminum that aircraft grade.

Easy To Transport:This scooter folds easily as a result of its patented deck and t-tube.

Urethane Wheels:The 98 mm inline-style wheels that have ABEC 5 bearings ensure that what your child gets is a smooth glide.

Quick stops:Another feature is the rear fender brake, which is patented. It also supports riders who weigh up to 143 pounds, which means is a sturdy device.

 Adjustable Handlebars:The adjustable handle bars that have foam grips ensure that it accommodates children of varying heights.


  • The handlebars are easily adjustable, which means that your child can easily have a turn.
  • It offers the user a smooth ride because of its unique wheels.
  • Another pro is that comes nicely packaged in a sturdy box, which has a handle that makes it easy to carry.


  • This scooter is among the best, as of now, we still haven’t encountered any problems with it.

If you want to buy the best scooter for 5 year old, the Razor A Kick Scooter, Pink is a must buy. As the above mini review shows, it’s worth its cost.

Best Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter: 


Best for 2-4 years toddlers

Micro Mini is one of the trusted names in the market. It is light and small, gives your kid to drive swiftly with that. Has variant colour so your kid gets the liberty to choose from it. It is the best ever three-wheel scooter on the market and comes with the highest quality. Your kid will love this micro scooter for toddlers, for the toughness. It is low-to-ground, and the T-bar is adjustable makes it too interesting to toddlers.

Specialities: It is Swiss-designed and high in quality. Micro mini has a unique Lean-to-steer technology Lean-to-steer technology that helps your kid to surf in the sidewalks. It has bigger wheels which Micro has made with Polyurethane to give your kid the smooth riding experience. Low-to-ground Features, lets any little-aged kid to ride Micro Mini scooter for toddlers.

4-10 Years

Best Scooter For 4 Years Old

Best Scooter has made huge craze among little children since it came to the market. Kids love them because it adds speed to their ways and kids just love speeds! You have a kid of 4-5 years, now or next day he is going to ask you to buy his or her scooter. You will find different types of the scooter, and they also vary basing on girls and boys. Scooters are a plate which has two or three wheels. A handle and kids ride on it only by pushing them forward. For, two-wheeler scooter’s kids have to maintain balance but as for, three-wheeler scooter no balance is needed. So, it depends on your child’s comfort and choice as well. Here, I am going to give you a list of “Best Scooter For 4  years old.”

There are lots of scooters available in the market depending on the age of your little superman! Three-wheelers are for kids aged 3-4 years. For three-wheeler scooter, your kid doesn’t need to master balance. The scooter will stand on the three-wheel. Every scooter has a neck, and the handle is on the top of the scooter.

The height of the handle is adjustable so don’t worry about the height. Some of the scooters have brakes; it helps to make the riding little easy because when your kid have brakes in his hand, he doesn’t need to use the legs for braking. You can fold the neck of the scooter. The folding option is an important feature that helps in the case of carrying or storing. Some scooters are of less-weight and some are weight-full. There are some things you will need to think about when you are going to buy your child a scooter.

1.AGE: Your kid’s age is, of course, a big issue. Because companies make scooters keeping the age sense of kids in their head. Some scooters are for toddlers and some for four years of kid and some are for five year’s kids. A toddler cannot be able to ride a five years old kid’s scooter. So, when you are going to buy a scooter, do remember the age of your kid.

2.3-WHEELER or 2-WHEELER: Most kids of 5 years can master balance. So, let the little buddy do some fun with balance. You can choose 2-wheel scooter for your 5-year aged kid. But, for 3 or 4 years you have to buy three-wheeler scooter, and for toddlers, also there is a different scooter.My “best scooter for toddlers” will help you to buy a perfect one.

3.BRAKES: Some scooter has brakes. If your kid likes to hold break, buy it. If there is a brake in your kid’s scooter, it helps him. Otherwise, he needs to brake manually by his leg.

4-FOLDING OPTION: There are some neck-folding scooters. You can fold them when you need. It is very useful as you can fold it’s neck and store it easily or carry it easily.

5.WEIGHT: Well, when your prince or princess had enough ride on the scooter and used all of her strength, then she’ll ask you to carry her scooter out! So, there is some lightweight scooter. You have to look very consciously for finding a lightweight scooter.

6.TYPE of SCOOTER: In the market, there are a manual scooter, electric scooters, razor scooter. Keep your kid’s choice here for choosing the desired style scooter.

Ok! I have told you about different types of scooters, things you need to keep in mind when you are buying a scooter, but you also have to know about some scooters. I have prepared a list that covers all the age 4 to 6 years. Hope that, you find your best choice for your kid.

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

Micro Maxi kids scooter is for bigger kids of 5-8 years old. These are little pro-scooter than the micro mini ones. It has three wheels and a T-bar. The 3-wheels are not only for those guys who cannot master balancing but also for bigger kids. Your kid may like to explore, but he gets tired my walking, here this 3-wheeler maxi scooter can help him to ride unconsciously. He is riding carelessly, or he is concentrating on the lovely beach, here a 2-wheel scooter can create some problem. So, you can choose a 3-wheel maxi scooter for your kid.

Made for both boy and girl kids aged ‘5-12’, and one of the best kids scooter made for this range
Very well-built scooter, made off good parts, durable, lightweight (5.5 lbs), yet able to handle user of 120 lbs max.
Its well-engineered mechanism provides excellent carving and curving experience.
An award-winning kids scooter, named ‘Top Scooter’ by Toy Report and NBC show.

The MICRO MAXI KICK SCOOTER is one brand of scooter that you should consider buying. That’s because it’s constructed and engineered to ensure that it lasts longer. It’s ideal for use by kids aged five years. This mini review looks at its features, pros and cons and finally its verdict.


  • It features a 3-wheel construction and lean-and-steer mechanism, providing superior carving and curving, with a feel of ‘surfing the sidewalks’
  • It’s individual parts are of good quality, like Italian-made wheels, good quality PU and very sturdy frame, making it durable and a pleasure to use.
  • The maxi kick scooter is very lightweight, something about 5.5 lbs, making it light enough to pick up and carry when need be and easy to maneuver
  • This scooter can handle a user of 120 lbs max, which is great and a sign of it’s good build quality. I don’t often see a kid of this ‘6-11’ range having a weight of more than 120 lbs.
  • Its various color options is a good thing, to be a choice with both male and female kid. It’s available in Black, blue, pink, purple, lime green and so many.
  • The Maxi Kick Scooter is an award wining kids scooter, proving why it’s known as one of the top kids scooter , It has won the prestigious Oppenheim Portfolio’s Gold and Platinum Award Seals for 2009, and the Oppenheim SNAP award as well.


  • Well designed, easy to assemble or break down in the case that you want to travel.
  • Many accessories, which you can deck in. The handle bar is also easy to adjust.
  • Has a sturdy 3 wheel construction, which gives your child an exceptionally smooth ride


  • The scooter is at times hard for my son to steer.

If you were searching for the best scooter for 5-8 year old, you should consider this model. 

For 2-5 year Girl Kids

Micro Mini Kick Scooter – Pink

This is a perfect scooter for toddlers. This is a three-wheel scooter. Toddlers use mini micro scooters. These scooters are low-to-ground and light-weight. Toddlers can easily run these micro mini kick scooters. They are kick scooters, so your toddler can quickly kick and speed up his move when he rides it.


You will love to buy this mini scooter mini scooter for your toddler. It has the easy balance technology, and your toddler can easily control it so, you don’t have to worry. It has a smooth steering bars and has a lean-to-steer fun option. This is the fun-giving and safe best scooter for kids that you will love to give it to your daughter of 2-5 years.

Here are some features that you may like to know about this stunning scooter:

  • Swiss-designed and it is a light-weight.
  • It is an award-winning design and has a lean-to-steer mechanism.
  • Highest quality Polyurethane makes it glides smoothest as possible.
  • Little to the surface.
  • Controls speed.
  • Easy to steer.
  • Has a brake on the back wheel.
  • High quality ensures everyday use.

This how Micro mini pink becomes my favourite scooter for girls kids, and I’m sure, your daughter will love it as it is one of the “best scooters for girls”. Try this scooter, and this won’t let you down.IT is one the most important part


5 Years

Best Scooter For 5 Year Old

Are you searching for the best scooter for 5 year old? When it comes to scooters, kids love them since they add speed to their ways. Scooters are a plate that has two or three wheels and a handle. Kids ride on them by pushing them forward. For those with two wheels, kids have to maintain their balance while for those with three wheels no balance is needed.

However, it can be challenging when searching for the best scooter for kids reliable companies have made. That’s because there are many brands available. They vary depending on if you’re buying one for a girl or boy. Depending on your child’s choice and comfort, this post gives you 3 brands that you should consider purchasing and an informative guide on the types of scooters available.

Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor is the most convenient scooter manufacturer for kids age five years. It is a two-wheel scooter and has impressive features. Razor has focused on giving you the best quality scooters and making scooters better and better day by day. It has two wheels, and it has an excellent balancing technology, with it your kid can ride it with much fun. Razor has used Aircraft-grade aluminium, making it. It has superior balancing technology and easily moveable T-bar handle. I recommend it for kids aged five years and older. It has a wide foot plate and a brake on the back tire. 98mm inline-style urethane wheels gave the rider fullest traction and patented rear fender brake.


You can fold it which makes storing more accessible. It has a lean-to-ride technology, and easy braking-system gives your kid stop and start quickly. It is the “best razor scooter for five years old” thus affordable too. It is a handy kick scooter for your kid who loves to move here and there all the time.


  • Component: Aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • T-tube and spacious deck for more comfort
  • The wheels are 98mm inline-style urethane
  • It has fender brake for quick stopping.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Weight capacity up to 55 pounds and for 5 and above aged kids.

This is the best razor scooter as per my verdict, and your kid will feel exquisite when he will get this handy scooter. So, buy it and give happy scooting to your kid.

Razor Berry Kick Scooter, PINK/PURPLE

Are you finding it a challenge to buy the best scooter for 5 year old? One brand that you check out is the RAZOR BERRY KICK SCOOTER, PINK/PURPLE. That’s because it’s lightweight, which means you can carry it around. The following mini-review looks at why you should purchase it.


Features of this scooter:

Folding Handlebars: It comes with foam grips that make it easy to maneuver.

Fun Colors: Kids the age of 5 love fun colors, which this scooter has. It consists of bright decks that are plastic, fun colors and vibrant wheels.

Steel Frame That’s Lightweight: It has a fork and handlebar construction with a steel frame that’s lightweights. It means your kid will enjoy using it.

Urethane Wheels: The urethane wheels ensure that your kid has a smooth glide. It also has a skateboard-style deck that’s plastic, which is popular among 5 year old children.

Tube: The tube is non-folding and rigid. It’s also sturdy, which means that this scooter will last long.



  • Its base is of plastic rather than metal, which reduces the risk of injuries if the user falls.
  • As compared to a standard scooter, its deck is wider, which means that your child can focus on riding rather than foot placement.
  • Another benefit is that this model handles cracks and bumps on pavements well.


  • It lacks height adjustment. However, make sure you read scooter manuals to ensure you buy a device that meets your specifications.

The Razor Berry Kick Scooter model is one of the perfect scooter for five year old. As the above review shows, it’s a device will serve them for long.


Some Best scooters

Razor A5 LUX Scooter

Quick Glance of this A5 LUX kids scooter reviews?

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and other rich material made a scooter, recommended for 6-7 year to adult, as it can handle user of 220 lbs.
  • Compact machine patented folding system for easy carrying. Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Patented rear fender brake, makes stopping quick, thus, safe!
  • Features extra-large urethane wheels and a cool profile, it’s the smoothest ride around!
  • Literally, no assembly required.

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is a lightweight yet solid-built scooter, made for kids aged of 8 and up. It comes with extra-large 200mm urethane wheels and ABEC-5 high-speed bearings.Razor A5 Lux features an aircraft-grade aluminum constructed T-tube, including adjustable and padded handlebars, a patented rear fender brake. It has patented folding system for easy carrying.Its solid materials make it ideal for bumpy roads and rough pavement and it has given a great performance so far.It is much agiler than a bike.This scooter is built to support riders up to 220 lbs. This scooter is built for larger riders and recommended for kids aged of 8 and up.

Razor A5 LUX,best scooter for kids4

Great features of Razor A5 Lux Scooter:

  • The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is compact machine, designed for easy fold and unfold. Easy to fold and carry.
  • Made of very rich, solid and sturdy materials, with an Aircraft-grade Aluminum made T-tube frame and deck (Yet lightweight though; 8-9 lbs). Doesn’t break down or gives less performance even on bumpy roads and rough pavement.
  • Features an extra-large urethane 200mm wheel, a big improvement over those on many other scooters.
  • Patented rear fender brake for quick stops, making it safe for your kid.
  • Manufacturer recommends for kids of 8 and up (although used by many younger kids, as young as 5 and adults as well)
  • Retractable kickstand available on the blue mode, and no assembly required on this.


  • Minimal Storage Requirements: Owing to its foldable nature, it requires minimal storage space and is also convenient to move around.
  • Suitable for Taller Riders: This is the bike of choice in case you have very tall babies.
  • Strong and Durable: It’s t-tube and the deck is made of the super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum. It is thus very strong and quite resistant to the common elements of wear and tear.


  • Intricate: A fair mastery of some technical jargons is necessary for the successful and effective operation of this scooter due to its intricate nature.

They’ve mentioned its materials are not only rich in papers, but also in real time use also. They’ve marked it very durable and there are some consumers who have been using it from 2010 to date! That’s something every scooter can’t offer.

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

  • Specially designed for youngsters recommended for kids of 3 and up.
  • The handlebar height is adjustable, means it will grow up with your kid.
  • Has a low deck clearing increasing stability, makes it suitable for younger kids.
  • Comes with efficient braking system, with a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel, making it safe for your kid.
  • Well-built from solid materials offers durability and maximum user weight limit is 110 lbs.
  • Has a Secure Direction Button Lock, which makes it easy to learn to ride by locking the steering to increase balance.

Read detailed review below?

The Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable height Scooter is everything you want in a child’s first scooter. This scooter is designed for youngsters, aged 3 and up, and is a safe and absolute fun machine for themIt features an adjustable height ‘lean-to-steer’ mechanism-ed handlebars that grow with your child. And it has low deck clearance increasing the stability, so it is very suitable for young kids from the age of 3 up.

The Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter has efficient braking with a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel for quick stops.It is well-built and made of solid materials, thus it can handle users of 110 lbs max! Which is something every scooter made for 3 year old kid doesn’t offer.

Great features of Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter:

  • Comes with adjustable height handlebars, thus suits this aged (Recommended for ages 3 and older) kids’ as they grow up fast.
  • Made of solid and rich materials, feels sturdy and is able to deal with a user of 110 pounds, max!
  • Good braking system featuring a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel for more efficient braking, and Steel plate reinforced deck for maximum support
  • Offers low deck clearance from the ground, maximizing stability and thus suits this your youngster better.
  • Features a Secure Direction Button Lock, making it easy to learn by locking the steering to increase balance.
  • Well engineered comes with Super high rebound clear PU wheels with ABEC 5 bearings.

So, we can say, after research and real time use, the scooter has proven itself for both boy and girl kid aged over 3.

And this proven machine for your youngster isn’t that costly even. It normally would cost your around 100 bucks!

10 Year

Best Scooter For 10 Year Old Boy

Editor recommend: Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Yes! It is true. Razor has electric scooters. It has a motor under its foot deck and fairly, everything that a motorbike needs! Well, no not everything that a motorbike need but it has brakes, accelerator and a battery run engine.

It has a very decent speed, not too fast for a kid and not less. It runs on 24V Seal Battery System, and you can recharge it with electricity. You have to charge the battery till it is full and as for period, it is 12 hrs. For the first time, you need to charge it for 24 hours. It has a front light and rear brake. You can start the motor with a simple kick and use the boosting technology for high torque. Your prince or princess can drive her electric scooter at the highest speed of 10mph. No need to worry no kid can go to this speed!

It has an 8-inch pneumatic tire for your kid’s smooth riding. Your kid will find this fascinating and full of fun. It gives him extra comfort as there is no need of pushing kicks and this makes it most popular among kids.


  • Product Dimensions: Measures 32.5 inches wide by 16 inches tall by 36 inches long
  • Speed: Up to 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Runtime: 40 minutes
  • Frame: Steel frame and fork
  • Kick start, high-torque, and chain-driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration controls
  • Hand-operated front brakes
  • 8-inch pneumatic front tire
  • Urethane rear wheel
  • Retractable kickstand
  • 24V sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries


  • Longer battery Life: Its batteries may last up to 12 hours which is long enough to guarantee long-term reliability.
  • Easy to Use: The scooter is for a large part operable by hand. It requires less mastery of technical jargons and is thus easy to use.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It discharges no smoke by virtue of being electrically powered.


  • Some assembly required: The need for assembly prior to use places those who lack the necessary technical know-how at a significant disadvantage.List item

YBIKE GLX PRO 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

The most desirable trait of any scooter is its ability to be used for longer and to be as relevant to a child/user as possible. This scooter has extendable handlebars that are geared towards the attainment of these very goals.

YBIKE GLX PRO 3-Wheel Kick Scooter


  • Product Dimensions: 22.4 inches long by 11.4 inches wide by 32-36 inches high
  • Weight: Weighs 4.7 pounds (2.1 kg)
  • Modern 3 wheel ‘Lean and Steer’ design,
  • Suitability: Perfect for the older and more skilled riders
  • Recommended Age: 5 years to 10 years old
  • Weight Capacity: 110 pounds (50 kg)
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Front wheels: 125 mm
  • Rear wheel: 100 mm
  • Fiber reinforced non-slip ABS deck
  • Aluminum
  • Injected molded plastic body
  • Rubber grips
  • Composite wheel core
  • Cartridge bearing
  • Cast PU wheels


  • Large Weight Capacity: It may accommodate loads of up to 110 pounds (50 kg). This is large enough to accommodate just about every other kind of person.
  • Adjustable Sizes: The scooter has extendable handlebars that may be adjusted to conform to the size of the growing child. It may thus be used for a longer duration of time throughout a child’s growing season.
  • Non-slip: The tires are made of rubbers that have very tight grips and won’t let it slip unnecessarily.


  • Less Durable: The body of the scooter is made of plastic which is not durable enough to ensure long-term reliability.

Product 4: Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

Long term reliability and usability by various age groups and level of expertise are the key traits of this scooter. It is very durable, reliable and may be used by various kinds of skill levels as shall be seen in the review that follows.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter


  • Deck Dimensions: 4.37 inches by 20.5 inches
  • 110mm Aluminum core wheels
  • HIC compression system
  • Chromoly T-Bars
  • 3 degree top and bottom concave design
  • Fuzion integrated and sealed headset bearings
  • Light weight
  • One piece steel fork
  • High tensile steel bars
  • Aluminum alloy staggered triple bolt clamp
  • Low Profile cast PU wheels
  • Aluminum cores
  • Lightning fast ABEC 9 bearings
  • Bolt
  • Rattle free and easy-to-adjust flex brakes


  • Simplicity: It is so simple as to be used by beginners, intermediates, and expert riders.
  • Light Weight: The scooter’s Aluminum cores are very light in weight, a fact that makes it less bulky and very easy to steer and maneuver.
  • Durable: Most of its constituent parts are made of tough, long lasting, and durable materials. This guarantees long-term reliability to the users.


  • Expensive: The scooter costs a fortune and is hence outside the budget range of many a prospective user.

Product 5: Razor Spark Scooter

Regardless of your budget, you will usually want to have a baby scooter for your growing child. This scooter is intended for those who do not have as much financial endowment as possible but would still wish to leverage the benefits of a baby scooter after all.

Razor Spark Scooter


  • Folded Dimensions: 23.75 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 7.25 inches long
  • Weight: Weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kg)
  • Maximum rider weight: 143 pounds (65 kg)
  • Scooter material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum deck and tube
  • Wheel size: 98 mm
  • Wheel bearings: ABEC-5
  • Brakes: Rear fender
  • Handlebar height: 33 inches (wheel to handlebar)
  • Foot controlled sparking mechanism
  • 20% more sparks
  • Easy to fold and carry


  • Foldable: The scooter may be folded to enable it to be carried around and stored with ease. This feature also makes it require very minimal storage space indeed.
  • Portable: It’s light weight and foldable feature enable it to be carried around with relative ease.
  • Very Cheap: It is by far the cheapest and the most affordable of these top five baby scooters.


  • Limited Functionalities: Its lack of elegant features reduces to a considerable extent the possible uses to which it may be put, thus making it not so worthy a purchase.

How to choose the best scooter for kids, things to consider:

Step 1: Knowing the scooter

If you are a new at these things, you may have difficulty to understand certain technical terms that I’ve said about a scooter below. So let me tell you what those terms mean, and most importantly, pointing the better one out.


ABEC is a rating system for the bearings. The lower the ABEC, the slower the bearings’ rotation. But what number of ABEC is good enough? You should try for at least ABEC 5 bearings, to ensure greater comfort and better glide for your champ.


The wheel’s diameter relates to its size. The larger the wheel is, the more comfortable the scooter is to ride. Like, a scooter featuring a 200mm wheels is more comfortable and quicker than a scooter having is more comfortable and quicker than a scooter having a 100mm wheels .


– Fork: A part that holds the front wheel in place.

– Deck: The platform for placing the feet.

– Telescopic handles: The part allowing the rider to vary the height of the T-bar. – Headset: A part connecting the deck to the T-bar, allowing it to rotate.

Step 2: Keeping on eye on these things:

Things to consider when you want to buy perfect kids scooter:

The age range of kids’ it’s made for: This is the first thing you wanna look at while choosing the kids scooter . There are certain things that makes scooter suitable for your for kids of that age range. So, I recommend making sure before buying a scooter that it is suitable with your kids’ age. To mention, there are some scooters, whose recommendation of minimum age to ride varies in real life. For example, the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is made for kids over 12 (manufacturer claims), but many consumers mentioned that their 8-9 year old kid could ride it easily and enjoyed it. So, first look at the manufacturer recommendation

Speed: This actually relates more with the electric scooters. However, this is a case where more speed or power doesn’t mean that’s better. Because over speed might make your kid get an accident. So, try to go for a speed, which is enough to have fun, not enough to get an accident or mess. For kids under 10, 9-12 mph is good. For kids over 10, 15 mph is okay.

Braking: As a parent, you definitely wanna ensure your kids’ safety. So, having an eye on braking is obvious. And, make sure the scooter you’re choosing have a good quality braking system. And to mention, I prefer rear wheel braking system more, because it’s safer and most of the best scooter for kids features this mechanism.

The material, build quality and durability: A scooter made of the rich and solid material, and built and finished well, will definitely perform better and feel sturdy. This will make the scooter last long, and will ensure that it won’t break down while your kid will be using it. The aircraft-grade aluminum on Razor A2  Scooter is definitely a kind of material you want it to be made off. So, A scooters’ material, how well it’s built, does it ensure durability or not, is certain things you should look at while choosing the  scooter for kids.

Important part you should care about scooter:

Some other useful things make a scooter better and more buy-worthy. Like,

Adjustable Handlebar: It ensures that the scooter grows with your child, to adopt him/her better.

Wheel Size: The bigger wheels a kids’ scooter has, the better and smooth movement it’ll provide.

Fold-ability: If a kids’ scooter is fold-able, it’s definitely a plus point regarding mobility. Thus your kid can carry it, even in a backpack for some kids’ scooters.

Kickstand: A kickstand in a kids’ scooter adds more value to it. Makes it easy for your kid to hold it straight.

Battery on electric scooter: You should ensure that an electric scooter has good quality battery and better battery life while choosing one.


Scooters for toddlers are a really basic fun ride. Companies make it with some basic fittings and easy-to-drive technology that make these scooters so convenient for toddlers. Though, you have to look at some options in your mind when you are buying a kick scooter for toddlers.

Firstly, take your kid along with you when you are going to buy the scooter because, for bigger kids, they can adjust but toddlers are sensitive buddies, so don’t take the risk to buy an uncomfortable scooter.

Look at the softness of the seat if you are going to buy a scooter for kids with seat, if the seat proves itself too hard, then it may irritate your kid.

When you are buying a scooter make sure that you likes it. Because he or she is the one who will ride it. Keep age in your mind, your kid’s age is the primary factor that plays here. Scooters vary for ages. There are something you will like to know, big wheels give your kids more safety and comfort. They are easy to ride on. Watch about the foot deck, when the foot deck is big; it is easy to ride. See, if there is brake or not because hand brakes make riding easier.

Look at the T-bar and examine its flexibility and smoothness. For maxi micro, scooters see that if the T-bar is adjustable or not. As for scissor scooters look out for the flexibility of each deck and see how far they are movable. For electric scooters, see if the accelerator is boosting or not and yes, of course, see the motor working. When I bought an electric scooter for my little princess, there were two side-stands! Look twice to ensure your mind and then buy. Don’t make to buy hastily because we buy scooters for our child and little fault can make a big problem. So, Look for a little and then buy with the peace of your mind.

When you are going to buy a scooter, some question will rise, it is natural and I have some ready questions because I also have faced these same questions before.

If everything proves well, then don’t make delay. Buy it! Happy scooting guys!

F A Q s:

1.My child loves speed. Can a scooter minimize the speed?

Answer: Well, scooters run by leg-kick, and if your kid is running at high speed the balancing technology will maintain it. But, ask your kid to keep the speed in control.

2.What is the balancing technology?

Answer: Balancing technology is to distribute the whole body-weight and balance the scooter naturally.

3.For scissor scooters, do they move in or out?

Answer: No, they are fixed.

4.Is there anything to lessen the speed of an electric scooter?

Answer: Yes! There is a hand rear brake to reduce the speed safely.

5. Wearing safety gears is important?

Answer: Oh! yes. I highly recommend wearing safety gears and reduce the possibility of happening in any situation.


So, it has been a long guide of bolts and nuts about choosing the best scooter for kids. With the buying guides, tips, kids scooter reviews and all, I believe I’ve educated you enough to pick the perfect scooter for you kid.

If you still need further information, you might go through the kid’s scooter reviews section to look for reviews on any particular scooter. And if you have any question pumping up in your mind, shoot them in the comment section, I’ll be happy to answer.

Good luck picking the best scooter for your champ!