Best Scooter for Kids | Details Reviews & Buying Guide

In this post-modern and digital era, younger kids spend their most time on digital devices. As a conscious parent, you may always want your children run and frolic to outdoors for being fit and smart. Here, the best scooter for kids plays a vital role as outside playing toys.

Unlike bulky bikes, the scooter has less chance of accidents but provides more speed and independence. Even it provides more recreation, stability, fun, adventure, balance, and coordination.  So, kids like these riding toys most nowadays.

But, a confusion also grows among the parents along with the popularity of the scooters. Most parents don’t know by which the kids start to scoot.

As you always find the best thing for your beloved kid, our expert team has experienced some of the best and available models considering all the required features. Here is the detailed review of the scooters so that you can choose your desired one considering your budget and kid’s ability.

best scooter for kids


You Can Make Quick Decision From This Selected Best Quality Kids Scooter From Amazon

1. Razor E100 Scooter: Best Scooter For 8 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit: 120 lbs.                                                                                Age Range: at least 8 years

Razor E100 Scooter: Best Scooter For 8 Year Old

Since the beginning of the company, Razor aims to provide the best quality products with high-end technology for incredible riding experience. The new kick scooters suit riders’ lifestyles. For the last two decades, the Razor becomes an icon for American culture with its innovation in riding experience. So, if you want fun and a spirit of freedom, it’s the best way to have a Razor electric scooter.

As the materials of the scooter are sturdy enough to carry more loads, it requires a powerful motor to propel efficiently. The electrically powered motor can run up to 10 mph speed. Isn’t it a big ride? However, the motor leaves no sound for its zero-emission electric power with the super quiet driven motor. So, it never bothers neighbors.

You may be confused about the speed and acceleration for its electric power. Don’t worry. It comes with an 8-inch pneumatic front tire with 125mm urethane rear wheel for controlling speed along with smooth riding. Moreover, the rechargeable battery is enough to power for backing up at least 40 minutes.


  • High torque with super quiet chain driven motor produces no sound.
  • Retractable kickstand for off and on the go riders.
  • Two 12V rechargeable batteries for long time backup.
  • Hand operated front brake for safe riding for the kids.
  • Sturdy construction to support up to 120 lbs.
  • A perfect combination of pneumatic tire, retractable kick start, high-torque and chain-driven motor for easy operation.
  • Handy Twist-grip throttle to ensure safety
  • The battery lasts up to 12 hours with a single charge which ensure long battery life.
  • The scooter can be separated into the handlebar and the shaft for easy transport.
  • It requires no technical knowledge to assemble and operate.
  • The materials are so sturdy and robust that can support an adult. But, you are strongly prohibited from riding on it.
  • The speed is quite fast but not dangerous.
  • The electric powered scooter produces no smoke to destroy the environment.
  • Using a brake to stop the scooter isn’t always good especially when the baby is at full speed. Instead of using the brake, you should teach the baby to rely on releasing the throttle by steering the situations.
  • Though the rear wheels work well on the dry surface, it can be slippery on the wet surface. Also, you should be careful about riding on the wet surface as it becomes slippery for almost every vehicles.

2. Razor Spark Scooter, Clear: Best Razor Scooter

Maximum Weight Limit:  143 lbs.                                                                               Age Range: 8 years and up

Razor Spark Scooter, Clear

Who doesn’t want an upgraded version with lots of facilities? Razor has brought an upgraded version of the classic Spark Scooter. This new version has 20% more sparks than any other brands of the market. It contains 5 flint pads to increase the speed. Also, the foot controlled sparking mechanism makes it incomparable as well as fit for the kids of aged 8 years and up.

Besides, the Spark scooter will leave you an immense experience by enlightening the wheels as well as sparking in the path. The LED also enlightens under the deck which makes you feel of riding on the light, even in the dark.

Constructed by the aircraft grade aluminum, the tube and deck are sturdy and robust to support up to 143 lbs. Also, the package is easy to carry as it is foldable. So, you can carry your favorite riding tool anywhere. In fact, it a great Christmas gift for a beginner from the very little age.


  • Rear Fender brake with foot controlled sparking mechanism.
  • Constructed from Aircraft Grade aluminum tube and deck to ensure longevity and stiffness.
  • 33-inch Handlebar height is perfect for the kids.
  • 20% more sparks than any other scooter in the market.
  • Foldable makes it easy to carry around anywhere.
  • Budget-friendly price with sufficient features makes it worth of money.
  • Requires minimum space to store as it is foldable. Also, it is easy to carry around as it is lightweight.
  • Foot controlled brake helps to control the speed when it is necessary.
  • LED lights under the deck as well as the surroundings which give incomparable experience and feelings to the kids.
  • Some want to ride at night as it provides light. But, it’s not a wise decision ever to let your beloved one ride at night. Though the LED provides light, it isn’t enough to remove darkness. Be conscious, be safe.

3. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters: Best Trick Scooters

Maximum Weight Limit: 220lbs.                                                                                 Age Range: 8 Years and Up

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

Fuzion is a leading brand of freestyle scooter which provides an innovative line up of pro kick scooter. It gives a surreal experience of riding for both beginner and advanced level riders. Even, the scooters are designed in such a way that can fulfill your expectations day after day without compromising the quality.

In the upgraded model, the brand-new deck and neck are designed with 3-degree top concave along with a flat bottom which is ideal for grinding. Even, the attributes of the outer surface of the deck make it the toughest but lightest. Moreover, the chromoly steel made bars, as well as Fusion’s own components, make it incomparable in the scooters brand.

So, what’s more, to amaze the riders? The Fuzion makes the riders not only amazed but also ensure safety. It comes with IHC integrated compression system along with lightweight, portable, sculpted chisel steel fork and the most importantly fully sealed headset bearings with 6061-aluminum alloy double bolt clamp.

In addition to the above-mentioned unique features, the Fuzion also has 110mm trace wheels and 6061 Alloy Core Wheels along with super-fast ABEC-9 bearings. As the scooter is made of nylon and steel Triad Brake, it is noise-free and easily assembled.


  • Integrated with a HIC compression system with Chromoly T-Bars for much more control.
  • Constructed with Trace 110mm Aluminum Core Wheels with 6061 Alloy Core Wheels.
  • Headless Headset and ABEC-0 bearings produce no noise.
  • Custom made components with pro designed for easy assembling and easy fitting.
  • Own Chisel One-Piece tough steel fork along with oversize Hex grips and Nylon Bar-ends ensures durability.
  • Lightweight and packed-in size give much portability.
  • Rattle free and easy to access flex brakes gives much control on speed.
  • All-in-one package makes it a complete package for the beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum makes it extremely lightweight but strong enough to ensure durability.
  • Easy to assemble as you have to tighten only two screws.
  • Solid and steel-made body is exactly perfect for sportive kids.
  • Fixed headset helps easier and safer run in the dark, though you shouldn’t try it.
  • A worthy investment for beautiful design, efficient and safe scooter at a budget-friendly price.
  • You can’t fold it into a smaller size. However, the scooter, which already appears, is small-in-size enough to carry around easily.
  • It has no LED light to run in the dark. Also, it’s not a wise decision to allow your’ beloved to ride in the dark.

4. Razor A5 Lux Scooter: Best Scooter for 10 Year Old Boy

Maximum Weight Limit: 220 lbs.                                                                                Age Range: 8 years and up

Razor A5 LUX,best scooter for kids4

The parents always look for something that is beneficial to the kids. Hence, Razor has brought A5 Lux Scooter which requires less push but provides more ride. In fact, it is designed in such a way that leaves any unnecessary something. So, you don’t have to pay additional bucks for something you really don’t need.

The bars of the scooter is much bigger so as the wheels are. SO, the riding is smoother and faster than ever. The wheels are made of urethane to last long. The body and deck are constructed with a super strong aluminum tube. So, the Razor A5 can support up to 220 lbs. loads comfortably. Like other Razor products, this one is also foldable and easy-handling.

In addition to the urethane wheels as mentioned earlier, the scooter comes with adjustable handlebars to fit recommended sizes and weights. So, it’s no matter how tall your kid is. Surprisingly enough, the blue model has patented retractable kickstand for the little riders’ safety.


  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum tube and deck to support up to 220 lbs.
  • Newly designed patented and easy folding system.
  • Adjustable handlebars to fit any height and size.
  • Own invented patented rear brakes to control the scooter precisely.
  • Extra-large urethane wheels and foam grips for faster speed and better control.
  • New anodized finish and retractable kickstand for larger kids.
  • The package comes completely. So, you need not assemble the scooter. Just open and play the fun.
  • Aluminum tube and urethane made wheels are lightweight. So, the foldable and lightweight scooter is easy to carry.
  • The scooter is made for taller riders of 8 years and up. So, your kid can use this toy for a long time even when he or she grows up.
  • Though the package comes assembled, you should manually tighten the screw as they are tightened by machine. Manual check is always welcomed for better safety.

5. Razor Berry Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for 6 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit: 143 lbs.                                                                Age Range: 6 years and up

Razor Berry Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for 6 Year Old

Another product from Razor for the younger kids is the Razor Berry Kick Scooter. It can give you a stand-out experience on the sidewalk. Also, the eye-popping color combination with skate-board designed deck of the berry series kick scooter will amaze you as well as the crowd. Also, it is made for long hour riders as it comes with comfortable grips and bendable deck. After all, Riders’ comfort is the priority of the Razor.

Also, safety is another major concern of riding a scooter and Razor successfully handles the matter. The Berry scooter comes with a well-placed rear brake that works well for a quick stop. It helps him avoid not only accidents but also play many funny tricks. Also, the foldable handlebar plays a vital role along with the brake.

And now the construction. You should not mean it fragile as it is lightweight. Ultimately, the materials are aircraft-grade aluminum which is extremely lightweight but sturdy and stiff. The rigid tube ensures long-lifetime for the strong body construction.


  • Urethane made wheels, and skateboard-style deck ensures smooth and fast riding.
  • Folding handlebars with foam grips give easy maneuverability.
  • Steel frame and stiff construction make it durable and sturdy.
  • Different fun colors and vibrant wheels give pleasure to the kids.
  • The high-quality aluminum alloy is used for the making of tube and deck.
  • Plastic made base reduces the risk of accident and injuries. The plastic is used that doesn’t mean it is not sturdy. The urethane is a high-quality plastic that works well as metal does. More extensive desk helps your kid to focus on riding instead of placing the foot on the deck.
  • The spinning wheel is easy as it steers with moving the handlebar.
  • Classic design and budget-friendly stable construction with all required attributes.
  • It lacks height adjustment when more kids want to use it. However, the scooter comes with your recommended height. So, be conscious when you order. The ordered item comes to meet your specifications.
  • The absence of a kickstand may discourage you. But, a kickstand is not although necessary for the kids. The simpler, the better.

6. Razor A Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for 5 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit: 220 lbs.                                                                                Age Range: 5 years and up

Razor A2 Kick Scooter Review

In 2000, Razor made scooter an integral part of American culture through its Razor a Kick Scooter. It became the classic mode of transportation for riders. Even, this scooter won the prestigious Toy of the Year 2000 award on that year for its successful performance.

Like other Razor scooters, this one also comes with urethane wheels. They help the rider feel smooth and fast riding. Not only the wheels but also it has patented rear fender brake to control the speed even the scooter is on fast mode. So, the kids can control the speed to avoid unexpected incidents. Moreover, the adjustable handlebars can ft to any height perfectly.

In addition to the adjustable handlebars and bigger wheels, the scooter comes with a patented folding mechanism. So, you can fold it up in to compact size so that it can be carried inside a bag. Also, the original classic designed scooter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum along with anodized T-bar and brake. So, durability is ensured with these robust materials.


  • The deck and T-bar are made of the robust aluminum tube for greater strength.
  • Urethane made wheels provide serious but smooth and fast speed.
  • Patented rear fender brake can stop the scooter easily and precisely when you are on the fly.
  • Ergonomically designed rubber made grips are easy and comfortable to handle.
  • Adjustable handlebars can fit any height.
  • The scooter is extremely lightweight to carry around but support up to 220 lbs.
  • Different shiny and funny colors amaze the kids.
  • Large and wide wheels provide extra mileage from minimum effort.
  • Budget-friendly price for the classically designed scooter with all necessary features.
  • No assembly is required. Just open the package and play for fun.
  • The wheels may be disintegrated while riding on rough terrain. However, the kids should not ride on the rough plat as it can hurt them.

7. Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar: Best Trick Scooters

Maximum Weight Limit: 110 lbs.                                                                               Age Range: 5 to 12 years old


Micro has brought another Swiss design scooter for the kids of aged 5 to 12. According to the US CPSC, the Micro Maxi Kick scooter is the best model suitable for kids for safety. It is lightweight and versatile. For this, most of the kids ride on it to go to school. In fact, the absence of an electric motor makes it easy maneuverability and simple-for-ride to all kids.

As the scooter comes with high-quality Polyurethane wheels, it provides incredibly smooth gliding to the ride. Also, the adjustable T-bar can be fit to any height from taller to smaller. Most importantly, the deck of the scooter is very low-to-the-ground which helps teenage riders for a lower center of gravity.

Moreover, you can choose between two steering modes-one is for the joystick for better curving and carving and the other is the traditional T-bar. Surprisingly, the handlebars are interchangeable. So, you can experience both handlebars. Also, the parts of the scooter are replaceable which helps to use the scooter for many days.


  • The handle seems too long, but you can fold it to the base and make it small to keep in the bag or car.
  • A back oar brake stops the scooter whether the curved back guard decelerates the speed.
  • Made of the highest quality robust polyurethane to ensure sturdiness and durability.
  • Handlebars are adjustable to fit any sized children.
  • Reinforced fiberglass made deck absorbs impact to provide smooth riding.
  • Especially Swiss design to suit all kinds of children.
  • Parts are changeable so you can use the scooter for a long time.
  • Wide and large tires goes a long way with a little effort.
  • The handle is customizable so as the paddle is.
  • Compact size and light weight make it portable easily.
  • Unique experience gives from skateboard-style motion.
  • Stability is ensured to minimize injuries.
  • Many users urge for an electric motor to this beautiful scooter. However, the motor can’t give you a skateboard-motion experience. Also, it’s quite difficult to stop or control a scooter for the kids.

8. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter: Best Scooter For 3 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit: 45 lbs.                                                                                 Age Range: 3 years and up

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

The Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter is specially designed for the toddlers of aged 3 and up. It is a three-wheeled scooter with more stability and steadiness. Also, slip-resistant and extra wide deck keep the younger riders on the little toys. Also, the adjustable handlebar and slip resistant deck will keep safe the riders from accidents and injuries.

Or even better the plain and classic design delivers the classic experience to the toddlers. This advanced scooter ensures safety and stability by easy maneuverability and traditional steering, comfortable gripping, controllable braking and turning. Also, the balanced rear wheels ensure maximum steadiness for safe and fast riding.

Moreover, the deck and body are made of robust and slip resistant polypropylene. So, the kids won’t slip or fall from the deck. As the wheels are constructed from urethane, it ensures a smooth ride. Beyond that, the soft and foam grip is comfortable to hold for the young riders.


  • 3 wheels give much more stability instead of 2 wheels.
  • Polypropylene made deck and body to resist slip.
  • Urethane made wheels to absorb impact from the road for smooth riding.
  • Wider and larger deck to keep the toddler safe and sound on the deck.
  • Traditional, removable and adjustable T-bar with foam grip for comfort to the riders.
  • Simple brakes are easy to use and to stop precisely and effectively when necessary.
  • “Lean-to-steer” design helps riders to learn coordination and balance.
  • The deck is non-slippery and wide to keep and stand for the babies.
  • Worthy investment compared to the build-quality and attributes.
  • The two back wheels may hurt the ankle for unconscious riding and placement of foot. So, the parent should take care of placing the foot on the deck.

9. Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter: Best Scooter for Toddlers

Maximum Weight Limit: 110 lbs.                                                                                Age Range: 2-6 years

Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

So, which is the most important for the first time riders? We think, the safety features and a 3-wheel adjustable handlebar. Globber Primo is an award-winning scooter that provides all required attributes for the first time riders. Not only for the beginners, but it’s also an enjoyable toy for more skilled kids. It comes with a LED light that gives much amusement and fun for hours to your child.

The Globber Primo comes with a Patented Secure Direction Button Lock which you can find on the front deck. You have to activate the lock on adjustable height for the scooter. Now, the scooter will run on a straight line. You can steer the handlebar by unlocking the Secure Lock Button and the ball bearings. It’ll help you to get a stable ride.

Now, the components of the scooter and they are amazing. The scooter is made of the steel-plate reinforced deck, high-rebound PU wheels with ABEC-5 bearings and LED lights. All of them helps to enhance performance and strengths. Also, the strong rear brakes and T-bar handlebar helps to control the scooter precisely.


  • Constructed with high-rebound PU wheels with ABEC-5 bearings for smooth and fast riding.
  • A long rear brake provides efficient control over the entire wheel.
  • Own designed Patented Secure Lock Button to help to ride on a straight line.
  • Spring-Loaded Steering helps to learn how to steer.
  • Adjustable handlebars help growing faster for the 2-6 years old kids.
  • Made of steel plate reinforced deck to ensure stability and durability.
  • Lightweight and compact size for easier portability.
  • Robust materials support loads up to 110 lbs.
  • It makes learning easier and fun as it comes with a steering lock on the front deck for safety.
  • The adjustable T-Bar handlebar has 3 height positions to help the kids grow.
  • Lower deck provides much stability and comfort for the kids.
  • Brake pedal design seems terrible for many new users. However, it’s a matter of habituation. As the first user, a kid can easily learn how to use a brake. After all, overall performance is absolutely a step above from the competitors.

10. YBIKE GLX PRO 3-Wheel Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for Kids

Maximum Weight Limit: 110 lbs.                                                               Age Range: 2 to 5 years

YBIKE GLX PRO 3-Wheel Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for Kids

If you want the next level experience in riding a scooter, the YBIKE GLX Pro is one step above of any other kick scooter. The 3 wheeler is a next-generation stunt model which comes with “Lean and Steer” design. However, this scooter is the best use for the kids of 5 years and up but not for aged kids, of course. Though the feature shows that its maximum weight limit is 110 lbs. it can easily carry up to 45 lbs. Isn’t it too much for a 5 years’ old kid?

Moreover, the scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar which helps the child grow fast. As the scooter is wide and locked in a place, it’s easy for the kids to ride on it. Also, the latest model is designed in such a way that can be controlled easily. So, your baby can take it anywhere, i.e., in a park or a friend’s house. It also comes with three positions to fit different aged and height kids.

After all, this scooter gives your kids a great way to get fresh air as well as enjoy the fun. The fiber-reinforced non-slip ABS deck ensures durability. Also, the large 125mm front wheels and 100mm wheel core cartridge bearings give it a fast and smooth riding. Isn’t it much funny?


  • Latest and quality lean-and-Steer design to fit kids as well as skilled riders.
  • Adjustable handlebars can be extended from 28-inch to 32.5-inch that helps to grow the kids.
  • 125mm front wheels along with 100mm wheel core cartridge bearings ensure a fast and smooth ride.
  • The deck is constructed with fiber-reinforced non-slip ABS to ensure a long lifespan.
  • The scooter ensures better balance and safety with an easy-to-ride feature for the beloved kids.
  • Extremely lightweight and smaller size gives much portability.
  • The handlebar and deck size is adjustable which is much needed for a growing child.
  • The deck is made of non-slippery rubbers and fiber-reinforced grips to prevent slippery.
  • Though the body lightweight but it can accommodate loads up to 110lbs.
  • Smooth and fast riding with proper safety features gives the riders an unimaginable experience.
  • You have to assemble the scooter. Though it is not a complex something but many riders aren’t interested in it. However, a primary assembling may help you to find out any problem and fix it in the long run.
  • The scooter can’t last long if you use it in rainy or wet conditions. Of course, you shouldn’t let your kid ride on a wet road.

11. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for 2 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit: 44 lbs.                                                                                  Age Range: 2 to 5 years old.

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

If you want a kick scooter for your toddler, then Micro Mini is the best in this segment. It is the highest rated scooter for 2-5 years age children. From experience, we can say that the children love the fun of “surfing the sidewalk” through the kick scooter. So, it’ll be a great gift to your toddler at a budget-friendly price. Also, it is a perfect toy for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners for the precise combination of 3 wheels, safe steering, and low-to-the-ground deck.

So, what makes the Micro Mini so unique? The children can steer the scooter to learn right to left by using their body weight. They also learn how to keep the balance of body weight. The flexible fiberglass reinforced deck and high-quality wheels ensure smoothest and quietest ride in the sidewalk. Hence, safety is guaranteed and certified.

Moreover, the beginner should take 3 wheeled scooters as the primitive stage of riding. The deck should be as low to the ground as possible so that the kids can ride on it comfortably. More than that, the braking mechanism should be as easy as they drink water. By considering the safety and intuitive stages, Micro Mini has brought this fantastic scooter for kids.


  • The scooter comes with 3 wheels which are made of robust polyurethane.
  • The deck is low-to-the-ground for a comfortable ride for children.
  • The patented learn-to-steer mechanism works by the body weight of the kid’s riders.
  • Only 4 pounds weight makes it lightweight, easy maneuverability and portable.
  • The parts are replaceable. So, you can use it for a long time by changing the parts.
  • A rear brake is integrated for additional security.
  • The deck size is small so that the kids can ride inside the home during bad weather.
  • The parts are made of high quality and sturdy particles to ensure durability and stability.
  • The rider child will get a vibration-free and smooth ride because of finest quality polyurethane.
  • Brakes can be broken for unconscious riding. It’s especially happened when the rider lacks control and coordination. So, the beginners should start riding on free and smooth space. However, the parts are replaceable, and you’re guaranteed for certain period for the scooter.

12. VOKUL Mini Kick Scooter for Kids: Best Stunt Scooter for Beginners

Maximum Weight Limit: 75 lbs.                                                                                                  Age Range: 2 to 5 years

VOKUL Mini Kick Scooter for Kids

VOKUL dedicates itself not only for designing and producing high-quality scooters but also for protecting the earth. So, it always uses top-notch GREEN materials to give an exceptional experience to the customers. In fact, it is the only manufacturer to follow CE and GS government safety standards to help the environment. As it takes care of the environment, it also dedicates to ensure safety to the riders.

The VOKUL mini kick scooter is fun that any toddler like to enjoy. Also, it can learn balance and coordination from this mini scooter. It comes with a detachable aluminum head so that you can store it inside a compact space. Also, the low-to-ground deck is designed in such a way that a baby can ride on it comfortably.

In addition to the safety design, the mini scooter comes with anti-abrasive wheels to stop at any pace. The soft hand grips are comfortable to hold on. After all, all the parts are replaceable, but you may not need to change it at all for its well-built design and materials.


  • 3-wheels scooter has much more stability to support the rider kids.
  • Safe lean-to-steer mechanism along with adjustable handlebar for straight riding.
  • Soft foam grip is comfortable to protect the kid.
  • Anti-abrasive and shock-absorbing polyurethane made wheels with ABES-5 bearing ensure smooth glide and fast riding.
  • Precise braking brakes to control and stop the scooter to ensure safety.
  • All parts are replaceable so that you can change any broken parts.
  • Wheels and deck are made of robust materials to ensure durability.
  • High-grade plastic supports up to 75 lbs. loads for the age of 2-5 years.
  • The low-to-the-ground deck is easy to ride and to use for the toddlers.
  • Detachable head-tube and lightweight body are incredibly portable to carry around inside the bag or the car.
  • Some complain that handgrips won’t work well on the rough surface. Exactly, it doesn’t work well on the rough surface as it is designed for the flat surface. Also, how do you allow your baby to ride on the rough surface? Remember, this scooter is designed for 2-5 years old toddlers.

13. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for 4 Year Old

Maximum Weight Limit:  44 lbs.                                                                                 Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

The Razor has done exactly what the kids want- a fully functional but funny scooter that the kids can call to own itself. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter is a three-wheel designed along with the extra-wide slip-resistant deck. It helps the children to learn how to balance themselves easily. Also, the robust plastic made body doesn’t hurt them as falling is a common part of the child playing.

As the scooter is made of high-quality materials, the construction is built to last long. Also, it is small in size, and the handlebar is foldable. So, you can keep it in the backseat or inside the bag to carry around while you are outing. By the way, the assembly is easy and hassle-free so that any non-techie person can assemble it perfectly.

The specially designed kids’ scoter ensures extreme safety and stability because of large wheels and deck. The whole body is made from steel, aluminum and plastic materials. Also, the classic and sleek design lures the kids’ interest. Moreover, the foam grip of the handle ensures safety as well as balance to the children through their body weight.


  • Wheels are made of urethane while the whole construction is a perfect combination of steel, aluminum and plastic. Secure folding mechanism gives convenience to store in a compact storage.
  • Robust materials make it lightweight to carry around easily.
  • Easy assembling requires no technical knowledge.
  • Easy-to-grip foam handles to learn balance quickly.
  • Wider and larger wheels and slip-resistant deck to ensure safety to the kids.
  • Children can learn how to balance themselves in secured riding experience.
  • Unique and alluring design that kids like.
  • Plastic made deck won’t hurt the child rider anymore.
  • Robust materials ensure durability and portability.
  • A confusion may grow as the base is made of plastic. However, the plastic materials are robust and high quality as the aircraft grade aluminum. It can support up to 44 lbs.

14. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, Red: Best Kick Scooter for Kids

Weight Capacity: 50 lbs.                                                                                                Age Range: at least 2 years

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer has a long tradition of launching thousands of toys to fill in the countless voyages of childhood fantasy.  The toys are enriched with beauty, simplicity and the most important safety. Like other awesome products, the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is an attractive kick scooter that encourages the kids to discover the adventure. In fact, it is a three-wheeled scooter to spark the imagination of the new generation.

The handlebars are made of sturdy materials and twisted from left to right. Also, it has a foot brake on the rear wheel to control the speed efficiently. Though the little kids need not be so speedy, the extra brake also ensures safety. Also, the wheels are made of rubberized plastic which never inflates the tires. More than that, the extra-wide base prevents the rider from falling from the scooter.

In addition to the wider base, this scooter is specially designed with a turning radius that ensures extra safety without compromising speed and portability. It also helps the children to build the sense of balance and comfortability. Moreover, the ergonomic designed sleek grip handle is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.


  • A tapered base to allow the rider to create a clear kick path.
  • Wheels are made of rubberized plastic for better safety.
  • Extra-wide base to ensure maximum stability without compromising mobility.
  • An extra foot brake on the rear wheel to control the speed instantly.
  • Two front wheels for stable steering.
  • Ergonomic handle grip for easy maneuver.
  • Scooter is usable in any weather, i.e., rainy or sunny days.
  • Scooter is secured as it is not easily tipped over.
  • Rubberized wheels are easy to control the speed to avoid unexpected situations.
  • Sturdy materials made construction lasts long.
  • Wide space on the board helps to learn how to ride easily without fear.
  • Budget-friendly price compared to the same featured competitive models.
  • Any over-capacity can crake the base. As it is designed for the little kids, it’s an unwise decision to ride on the top for an over-capacity rider.

15. My 1st Scooter Sports Color: Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter

Maximum Weight Limit: 50 lbs.                                                                  Age Range: at least 2 years and up

My 1st Scooter Sport Color

Radio Flyer has brought another loveable colored toddlers’ scooter. The pink colored My 1st Scooter Sports color is specially designed for the toddlers to help them develop balance and coordination. It’s a good-looking wide base pro scooter with two large front wheels and a rear wheel. So, maximum stability and safety are ensured.

In addition to the rubberized wheels, the turning radius provides additional safety without compromising mobility and speed. The construction is made of sturdy plastic materials. So, it is lightweight and convenient to carry around. The ergonomically designed grip handle is comfortable to hold on.

Moreover, the scooter comes with an additional footbrake on the rear wheel. So, it’s now easier to control speed or to stop the board when it is necessary. Also, the designers have made a tapered base which creates a clear kick path for stable steering.


  • Wider base with large two front wheels for better balance and stability.
  • Beginners’ scooter to develop coordination and balance.
  • Especially designed turning radius follows standards of safety.
  • Easy-t-use foot brake on the rear wheel to control speed.
  • Overall classic design with adorable pink color.
  • Rubberized wheels to provide sufficient convenience and stability.
  • High-quality materials construction ensures durability.
  • Budget-friendly price with all necessary attributed for the kids.
  • Wide deck and rubberized wheel to ensure safety.
  • Lightweight and compact size to provide portability.
  • The absence of a fold feature may lose the interest of many buyers. It’s already compact-in-size, and too many foldable features to this little thing may set loose the screws.

What to look for when buying scooters for kids

It’s quite hard to believe that scooting has been around for over a century. Since the advent of the scooter, it has been gaining popularity. So, over the years, many changes have been come to the design to ensure safety, increase comfortability and decrease price. Yet, the kids love to have a scooter at the decidedly younger age and want to master on how to get along on it.

Today’s market is flooded with a large number of scooters with different sizes, materials, styles, colors, levels of quality and of course the price ranges. So, it may be difficult for you as a parent to get the best scooters out for your kids. So, we have discussed certain features you should consider before buying a kids scooter.

Two Wheels or Three Wheels

You can find scooters with two, three or four wheels. But they all are not same for all aged people. For the toddlers and kids, three or four wheels is suitable. The kids don’t yet learn how to balance and coordination. However, the preschoolers like to have a 3-wheel scooter with high-quality materials. Here, the materials play a vital role in providing better shock absorption.

On the contrary, the young kids who have a sense of developing balance and coordination, they can ride on 2-wheel scooters.

Electric vs. Kick Scooter

If you want to teach the kids how to learn balance, the kick scooter is incomparable to the electric scooter. It is lighter and easier to handle and carry. Also, you can teach some tricks and stuff to your beloved little one with this push scooter. This scooter doesn’t also require to be charged before hitting on the sidewalk or path.

In comparison to the kick scooter, the electric scooter runs fast and is appropriate for the older kids or teenagers who can control and balance. As this scooter uses the motor and battery to run, it tends to be expensive. However, the electric scooter can run up to a speed of up to 15 mph which is safe and decent for the children and teenagers.

Wheel Type

The materials of the wheel determine which will be the controlling mechanism of the scooter. You may find some inexpensive scooters with plastic wheels.

The wheels are silly and tend to be tough to control the speed. They can’t hold the surface up very well. On the other hand, the rubber or urethane made wheels are quite surprising to control the scooter by holding up the surface well. Also, they can ensure safety by providing glide to the smooth surface for safe and fast riding.


Handle Grips

Riders use handle grips to hold on the handlebar of the riding toy. It is not only comfortable but also prevents unexpected injuries and blisters to the small hands. Usually, the grips are made of rubber or foam. The foam grips are usually plugged with plastic or metal to the handlebars. It can create scratch or develop burrs to she small hands when it comes into contact to the ground.

On the contrary, the rubber grips are more durable than foam, and it doesn’t matter soil too early. Generally, the grips wrap around and cover the handlebars completely. So, it prevents the hands from getting scratches and injuries.


Naturally, the kids want to press down the surface with their foot to control or to stop the scooter. It may work to control the speed, but the shoe tends to be torn. So, if you want to save your kids’ shoes, some functioning brakes can work well.

Also, it’s one of the best safety features to control the scooter’s movement. A rear brake controlled by the foot can enhance their confidence to run fast as well as to control the tracks. This feature also helps to avoid collisions or unexpected incidents.

Weight Capacity

When it comes to choosing the kick or electric scooter, you should get the scooter out with appropriate weight capacity. Also, the weight of the scooter should be lightweight so that you or your kid can carry it around to outing or the skate park.

However, you may find some designs that fit multiple ages of children with heavy weight. This is not appropriate for the toddlers and kids. In fact, if you want to teach your kid balance and coordination, single and sufficient weighted scooter is enough. Any heavy and large scooter may discourage him to ride on the board.


The scooter can’t be itself durable if the materials are not durable. SO, be sure that the scooter is durable. It seems that the heavier scooter is more durable. Also, the scooters which are not foldable, are also durable. Because of the moving parts of the foldable scooter tend to lose several times uses.


If you want to carry around the scooter while outing, the lightweight plays a pivotal role for portability. Though it is thought that heavier scooters are durable, the portability and durability depend on the materials.

Now, the construction is made of urethane and aircraft grade aluminum. The materials are too sturdy and stiff to be broken. Also, they are lightweight and portable. So, have a deep look at the materials used to manufacture the scooter.


Replacing Parts

No matter how strong and stiff the stuff is, it may be broken into parts or loose when it comes to kids. So, you need to replace the parts to tighten the loose parts. A scooter with replaceable parts can be used for a long time by replacing the wasted or broken parts. Nowadays, the parts are available to the market. Even, the famous brands like Razor and Micro sell distinctive parts to replace the old ones. So, give your kids an experience of using new stuff always.

Deck Height

It’s quite natural that the kids fall many times in the early age. So, it is also evident that they will fall from the scooter.

Here what we can do that we can minimize the risk of getting hurt. Here, the distance between the deck and the ground will determine whether the rider kid will get hurt or not. The more difference between the duos, the more possibility of getting hurt. Also, the children get it hard to reach the base of the board if it’s too high.

However, here is a general guideline to choose the exact-size scooter based on the toddler’s age and scooter height.

Scooters’ Sizes for Different Ages & Height
Toddler Age Approximate Height Scooter Height
2-3 yrs. old 3’1” 1’9 or lower
4 yrs. old 3’3” 1’9” or lower
5 yrs. old 3’6” 1’9” to 2’2”
6 yrs. old 3’9” 1’9” to 2’2”
7 & 7+ yrs. old 4’1” 2’2” to 2’4”


Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe on Scooters

  • Begin the journey of riding on a scooter on a flat surface. After mastering on a plain surface, start on rough surface, hills and ups and downs.
  • Always use safety guards such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, guards and gloves.
  • Encourage the toddlers to wear shoes to prevent injuries. Sometimes barefoot can be stub while kicking the pavement.
  • Wear them bright colored clothes while riding. It attracts other riders and drivers to make them conscious.
  • Never let the kids ride at night in case there is enough bright light.
  • Teach them to follow the street-wise and ride on the sidewalks away from the road.
  • Always get off from the scooter before crossing a road.
  • Brakes should be regularly checked and if necessary replace it as it is the pivotal safety guards.
  • The handlebars should be adjustable height to the toddlers as it helps them grow soon.
  • An age-appropriate scooter fits best to the kids. So, check the size and age while buying the riding toy.
  • Try to buy a lightweight but sturdy and durable scooter. A heavy scooter is difficult to move or to carry for the kids.
  • Always supervise the kids closely while riding at home or traffic-free road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you have a lot of confusion on a scooter in your head. Here are some important and mostly asked queries about kids’ scooter. If you have more questions to know about the facts, leave a question in the comment box below. Our expert team will try the level best to satisfy your query.

Question: What is the difference between a 2-wheel scooter and 3-wheel scooter?

Answer: the significant difference between them is that the 2-wheel scooter can’t stand alone whether the 3-wheel can stand alone.

The children of aged 3 and below may have the coordination to handle the steering of 2-wheel scooter, but they lack the balance required to operate the 2-wheeler. SO, for the learning period, a 3-wheel scooter is the best for the toddlers of aged 2 and 3.

On the other hand, the children of aged 5 and up have required coordination and balance to operate the 2-wheel scooter. They can handle the steering and balance efficiently.


Question: Which is better for 2 wheels, at the back or the front?

Answer: As both steerings are available, the Experience Advisor of Micro Scooters explained the difference.

Children always subconsciously tend to shift in the direction they want to go. Here, 2-wheel at the front makes it intuitive seamless for the children.

On the other hand, back steering, i.e., 2-wheel at the back makes it more manual to get the direction easily the children want to go. This style is quite difficult for the teenage riders.


Question: Are scooters safe for the toddlers?

Answer: In short, riding on the scooter is safe for the toddlers. But, you have to take safety precautions to avoid any unexpected incident.  Traveling at high speed has an inherent danger which can be realized at any time. So, the scooter is no different as it also has a fast speed. But, this accidents can be minimized by taking some extra precautions so that the child can be safe if the accident happens. The precautionary equipment is knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, wrist guards and gloves.


Question: How difficult are the scooters to assemble?

Answer: most of the scooters come assembled. But, you may have to assemble some models, and it takes not more than 10 minutes. However, you should check the joints after getting it as it is alright or not. The electric scooter requires up to 12 hours to full power.


Question: Are the scooters durable?

Answer:  Durability depends on usage and materials. Scooters are made for daily wear and tear. Stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum or titanium is used to construct the body. So, a scooter lasts a long time though it is used every day. Always, riding on the plain surface increases durability instead of riding on a rough surface.


Question: How old should a child be a ride on a scooter?

Answer: The children’s ability to handle a scooter may vary from child to child. But, most children can handle a kick scooter at the age of 2. At the age of 8, they can run an electric scooter with proper supervision of the parents. However, the manufacturers are especially designing the scooters for different ages. These scooters fit perfectly to the above-mentioned aged children.

In the above-mentioned reviews, you’ll find the best kids scooter for different aged children.


Question: How fast an electric scooter can go?

Answer: The speed of the electric scooter depends on the models as well as the manufacturers. However, the normal speed of a standard model is 10 mph whether the maximum speed is 15 mph.

Final Remarks

Without any doubt, the scooter is still one of the most popular toys for the kids. You can hardly see a sideways without a group of people riding on the scooters. However, it’s a magnificent gift to spark the kid’s imaginations and let them play outside.

So, while choosing the best kids scooter, you may consider the required features to let your kid the best one in your budget. The above-mentioned and reviewed scooters can fulfill all the requirements considering the ages and abilities of the kids.

Also, if a test ride is possible, let your kid ride and observe closely. If it feels comfortable to operate the handle, get it. Also, never forget to ask his opinion. Happy shopping and start riding!