The New E-Bike: Battery Pack and Boombox Speaker in One

If you have between $8,500 and $10,000 lying around, you can buy a bike that comes with a portable battery pack and boombox speaker in one. Oh, and it analyzes air quality, too.

The little machine attached to the Noordung Angel Edition e-bike is revolutionary for the e-bike industry. Its portability is more revolutionary for the boombox industry.

We’ve reviewed portable boombox speakers, but never one that could attach to a bicycle and detach for portability.

Boomboxes offer better music quality than some portable Bluetooth speakers. This portable boombox could revolutionize the quality of music available on the go.

Keep reading to get some insight on this boombox speaker and the e-bike it’s attached to!

E-Bikes: What’s the Big Deal?

Why is this innovation attached to an e-bike? E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are gaining popularity among serious bicyclists for their energy savings.

Powered Propelling

E-bikes provide propelling assistance via throttle or pedal assist.

Throttle models can do all of the propelling via a trigger in the handle. Long distance riders can go farther, and commuters don’t have to exhaust themselves before a day of work.

Pedal assist still leaves some work to the rider. When the rider moves the pedals, the motor adds some power to help move the bike forward.

Either way, the rider doesn’t have to pedal as hard as on a traditional bike.

Assisted propelling also makes towing objects easier. Riders can bring cargo farther with electric assistance, cutting down the need for cars.

Ecological Benefits

People aren’t choosing traditional bike versus e-bike. They appreciate the benefits of e-bikes over other motorized vehicles, like scooters or cars.

Since they’re not using gas, e-bikes are better for the environment than a motorcycle or gas-powered car.

They also plug in anywhere to charge, not needing special charging stations like electric vehicles. Plus, they’re cheaper to maintain.

Some e-bikes can go almost one hundred miles on a single charge. The Noordung is on the low end at 19 miles of distance per charge.

Pedal models also offer an opportunity to exercise. It’s less work than a traditional bike but still better than passive forms of travel.

Better Music on a Bike

The Noordung is a good solution for those who want music on their commute, but don’t want to endanger or disturb others.

Safer Solution

Headphones block out traffic noises, making the rider less aware of dangers behind them. Although only a few states outlaw headphones on bikes, they’re still a bad idea.

A boombox speaker attached to the bike offers listening that won’t block out your environment. The music might distract some riders, but at least they can hear if a car is approaching behind them.

Less Disturbing

Portable Bluetooth speakers exist, but it’s hard to attach them to a bike. They also disturb others by blasting music in an uncontrolled direction.

The Noordung’s two speakers are specifically pointed towards the rider. At least your music points towards you in this case.

Music is still disturbing in a crowded setting, but riders can play music with less disturbance to those around them.

Portable Boombox Speaker

This boombox speaker is impressive because it hits a few of the points on our boombox buying guide.


The Noordung boombox speaker has an arched design that fits in with the smooth curves of the Angel Edition bike. It’s made of the same carbon fiber material as the body for strength, and it’s a nice silver color.

When you want to detach it for portable listening, an adjustable leather strap attaches for easy carrying.

Power Requirement

The speaker’s body houses the e-bike’s motor, so you can charge both at the same time. The unit plugs into any normal outlet for charging anywhere.

Lock up the body of the bike and carry the unit with you to keep the entire thing safe and charged-up when you’re indoors.

At a full charge, the speaker provides about 100 hours of listening time. That’s over four days of continuous listening on a single charge.

That’ll outlast the distance capability of the e-bike. You’ll have to charge it again before you ever run out of speaker power.


This boombox speaker can go anywhere your bike goes, and further. The bike attachment offers an easy way to take it between locations.

You can also pop it off the bike and carry or toss it in the car if you want to take it somewhere a bike can’t go. The strap makes it easy to sling it over your shoulder for carrying.

Portable Battery

Noordung added a portable battery to this speaker. There are 32 lithium batteries powering this engineering wonder.

Two USB ports allow you to charge any device on the go.

As you play music from your devices, you can charge them. The speaker won’t leave you with a dead phone after a jam session.

Keep in mind that those 32 lithium batteries also power the speaker, motor, and air quality detector. Charge your devices, but if you’re running low on unit battery, leave it to the motor.

Boombox Innovation

There aren’t many Noordun Angel Edition bikes, which means not many of these sweet speakers. Is the next generation of boombox speaker tied to e-bikes?

If Noorsdung produced this unit without the biking capabilities, it’d be a boombox powerhouse. The lithium batteries could power the speaker and portable battery for a crazy amount of time.

But the price tag would still be steep. It’s unclear how much of the $8,500-$10,000 price is the bike versus the attached unit.

However, a market of bike-specific boombox speakers creates improved portable technology. Portable speaker demand would bring that technology to other boomboxes.

Wrapping Up

While the Noordung Angel Edition is impressive, the boombox speaker attached is even more exciting. The capability to bring a boombox and portable charger of that quality around is unheard of.

This speaker/battery are perfect for activities like camping, where you need power to have music.

Not many people will get this bike, with the combination of the large price tag and small batch. We’re hoping this technology will bleed into the boombox speaker industry so we can see it up close.

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