Top 10 Best Kick Scooters For Adults

Kick scooters have become a familiar mode of transportation and a way of passing leisure time. The notion that kick scooters are toys for the kids is no more as more and more adults embrace the idea of riding kick scooters during weekends. Here, we also appreciate that things are changing and that is why we are bringing you a review of some of the best kick scooter for adults currently doing well in the market.

kick scooter for adults

See Our Top 10 Best Kick Scooters For Adults

Now that you have an idea of what an adult kick scooter must possess, we provide you with a review of the top ten scooters doing well in the market currently.


1.Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Razor A5 LUX,best scooter for kids4

This is a great adult scooter with special specifications such as weighing 220 lbs, do not require any assembly and is available in several colours such as pink and silver. In addition to that, the kick scooter has many amazing features. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Has aircraft-grade aluminum deck
  • Has a patented rear fender brake
  • The kick scooter has a patented folding system
  • Has a retractable kick stand



With the above features, be sure to enjoy each of the following benefits:

  • Maximum comfort: This adult kick scooter has a higher deck height. In that case, if you are a tall rider, you will enjoy the services that this scooter has to offer with utmost comfort. With the bigger deck height, you will be able to navigate over bumps and some rough terrains without any major hitches. With the adjustable height handlebars feature, you will not have to lean when riding, therefore, enhancing your experience to the better. It is also easy to use because it does not require any assembly from the time of purchase.
  • Has easy portability: The Razor A5 Lux scooter uses light materials for its making. In addition to that, it has the retractable kickstand that ensures you do not strain while carrying it. It makes your riding experience better by not being a task by itself.
  • it is durable: This kick scooter has aluminium decks and aircraft t-tube for its making. These materials are strong and resistible to rust. Buying it is an almost assurance of durability and therefore gives you value for your money.


However much this kick scooter may have amazing features, it is also true that it has some disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • not suitable for shorter riders
  • not easy to manoeuvre and control especially for beginners

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter has all the basic features that you may need in any adult kick scooter. The next time you are out to purchase any of these items, considering it would be a wise idea.

2. Micro Flex Kick Scooters

Micro Flex Kick Scooterss

This is another great product from the Kickboard Company. Over the years, the Company has managed to stay relevant in the market mainly due to the following features that come with their product:

  • Has adjustable handlebar
  • Has smooth wheels
  • Has a two-way kickstand
  • Has the fold to carry feature


It is difficult to ignore the benefits that come with this amazing product mainly due to its features. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fits everyone: Whether you are tall or short, this kick scooter will serve you with utmost convenience. For example, if you are a tall rider, you can be able to adjust the handlebar to the height that suits you. This also makes it easy for sharing across all people regardless of their heights.
  • Provides efficiency: Using a kick scooter is a fun and entertaining adventure and that is how it should remain. The MicroFlex Series kick scooter has a two-way kickstand that allows you to park it conveniently. This adds to the amazing feeling of comfort that you get while riding it on your favourite street. When the need to carry it arises, the scooter has a fold to carry feature that makes its transportation very easy and convenient.
  • It is very stable: One amazing feature that everybody notices soon after purchasing this scooter is its magnificent wheels. They have the ability to glide over any type of terrain making your riding experience better. The wheels are large thereby giving the scooter its much-needed stability.


While it is true that this brand of adult kick scooters have numerous advantages, it is also true that they have some cons. Here are some of them:

  • The rider might have difficulty in maneuvering
  • Requires more push force as compared to other competing products.

3.Razor A3 Kick Scooter

From the Razor Company comes this other amazing brand of adult kick Scooters. It is, therefore, no surprise that it has the following amazing features:

  • Has a patented rear fender brake
  • Has a patented folding mechanism
  • Has adjusted handlebars
  • It is easy to fold and carry
  • Has springless shock system

Razor A3 Kick Scooter



Some of the benefits that come with purchasing this product include:

  • It is easy to carry around- we all know that at some point you might need to carry your kick scooter. In that case, you need one that folds easily and light to carry and that is what this kick scooter from the Razor Company provides.
  • Provides comfort- this electric scooter has a front fork equipped with a shock system that has no springs. It, therefore, absorbs most of the shock that comes from the ground making your riding experience awesome. Its adjustable handlebars make it a candidate for use by people with different heights.


  • Does not have a longer durability
  • Needs more push force

4.Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Scooter

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Scooter

This adult kick scooter comes from the Nextsport Company. It is arguably one of the best kick scooters mainly due to the following features:

  • Has handbrakes that are easy to engage
  • Has wheels that support high speed
  • Has lightweight frames made of aluminium
  • Has telescoping handlebars



Everyone is talking about this scooter due to its benefits such as:

  • Easy to use: This scooter is good for starters. With the handbrakes feature that comes along with it, a rider can engage them easily. This is in contrast to other scooters that depend on gravity as the main way of slowing them down. Handbrakes allow you to make emergency stops that will enable you to avoid or stop an accident from occurring.
  • Easy to carry around: This adult kick scooter from the Nextsport Company has a unique foldable system that allows you to carry it around conveniently. Moreover, it is very light thereby it will not seem as a burden in case you need to lift it.
  • Has high speed: This scooter is undoubtedly one of the fastest there is in the market currently. With its wheels that have superior traction and excellent smoothness, you have the chance to glide over any type of terrain.


  • not durable
  • not suitable for riding on rough terrains

5. Hudora Big Wheel Adult Scooter

Hudora Big Wheel Adult Scooter

As its name suggests, this is a product of the Hudora Company. The company has been in the market for a considerable amount of time and therefore we cannot overlook its capabilities. For instance, this Company’s adult kick scooter has the following features:

  • uses high density alloy for its making
  • it comes from a German manufacturer
  • has big wheel design
  • has rear brakes
  • Has a good folding design and it is lightweight.


Some of the benefits that this kick scooter brings include:

  • Has a good stability: With the wheel design that this scooter has, stability is not an issue. The big wheels provide a wider surface area for the scooter to balance on and in the end, it moves smoothly.
  • Easy to carry around: Like many other similar products, this scooter has a good foldable system and it is lightweight. When you combine the above two features, you will notice that carrying the scooter from one place to another is not going to be a problem when you purchase it.

Other benefits that come with this product include the fact that it comes from a company with good reputation and has rear brakes that are easy to operate.


  • Difficult maneuverability

6. Globber Adult One Kick Folding

Globber Adult One Kick Folding

From the Globber Scooters comes this amazing adult scooter. Many previous users love this product because of its features. Some of them include:

  • Has a curved handlebar
  • Has mudguards that prevent you from splashes
  • Has flexible dual-injection material for its making
  • Has a rear brake


Some of the benefits that you will enjoy while using this adult scooter include:

  • It is very convenient: For many scooters, when you ride them in a dumpy place, you know that you are going to be splashed with mud or dirty water. However, this is not the case when using the Globber adult scooters. They have mudguards that guide you against such unfortunate events making them one for consideration in case you are looking to purchase a scooter.
  • Provides the rider with comfort: The manufacturers of this scooter have created it with a curved handlebar. This way, you will not have to strain while commuting with your favourite scooter.
  • It is durable: This scooter uses flexible dual-injection materials that are not only comfortable but durable too. The rear brake allows for smooth navigation that thereby avoiding accidents that may cause damage to the scooter.


  • This scooter is not as fast
  • Not easy to carry around

7. Fusion CityGlide 2-Wheel Scooter (black)

Fusion CityGlide 2-Wheel Scooter


If you are in love with black adult kick scooters, the Nextsport Company wants to ensure that you are not missing the fun. From the Company, we get this amazing black scooter with the following features:

  • Has an easy to engage hand brakes
  • Has innovative folding system
  • Has telescoping handlebars
  • Has oversized wheels that provide high speed


  • Unlike most scooters, this can attain very high speed because of its big wheels
  • It is easy to carry around because it adopts the use of the latest foldable system
  • With its telescoping handlebars, everybody can use it whether you or old, short or tall.
  • It is durable as compared to other snooker
  • The handbrake makes it easy for anyone to engage it in case of an emergency or any other need to slow down emerges.


  • Not easy to fold and transport

8. Exooter M1850BB Scooter With A Suspension Finish

Exooter M1850BB Scooter With A Suspension Finish

At the Exooter Company, you get this amazing product with state of the art features. For a long time now, the Company has been showering us with amazing products and this is not an exception.


  • It is easy to fold and carry around due to its lightweight feature
  • Has a large deck that ensures you have the stability you need while riding your scooter
  • It is durable due to the strong materials that it uses for its making


  • You require more push force when riding it.

9. Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold Adult Scooter

Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold Adult Scooter

This is a Decathlon Company’s scooter. Since the company started sharing its ideas of entertainment and fun with us, we know they have never disappointed. It is, therefore, safe to say that they did not disappoint when they unveiled this scooter for us.



  • It is easy to fold and unfold thereby making it easy to transport
  • You can transport it in trolley mode thereby making your work easier
  • Has a second brake on the handlebar, therefore, it is easy to engage it when the need arises
  • With its padlock, you can secure it anywhere in the streets and go about your business without the worries that it will be stolen.


  • it is not durable

10. Micro Flex Air 200mm Kick Scooter


Micro Flex Kick Scooters

From its name, this adult kick scooter is a product of the Micro Kickboard Company. It weighs about 13 pounds.


  • Provides efficiency- with its air-filled tires, you can glide over any type of terrain without having to worry about possible chances of deflation.
  • Has a two-way kickstand that allows you to park faster and conveniently.
  • It is a scooter for everybody because of its adjustable handlebars that accommodate both tall and short peple


  • You may not be able to attain top speed with this scooter.


What are the factors to consider when choosing a kick scooter for adults?


Before providing you with what we think are the best adult kick scooters, it is important for you to know the factors we consider before arriving at those conclusions. All great adult kick scooters must have most if not all of the following features:

  • Consider the kick scooter’s convenience

As aforementioned, adults can use kick scooters for the purposes of transportation or for leisure. All the above activities require that a kick scooter provide you with convenience if you are to achieve them perfectly. In that case, a kick scooter should be easy to control and maneuver around, have a high performance and provide you with utmost comfort when riding it. It should be able to absorb most of the shock that comes from the ground when you ride it.

  • Check the wheel’s size

Different adult scooters have different sizes of wheels with all having different purposes. For instance, if you opt to ride on a kick scooter with a big wheel, chances are you will enjoy benefits such as having longer glides per push, has better shock absorption levels and enables the kick scooter to roll safely over a variety of objects. On the other hand, choosing a  kick scooter with smaller wheels will provide you with benefits such as being lightweight and is easier to slow down or speed up at any given time. Generally, choose a kick scooter that fits your preference based on its wheels.

  • Look at the deck size carefully

Before jumping to purchase an adult kick scooter, it is important to consider its deck size first. Mostly, the deck size of a kick scooter should be directly proportional to the size of its wheels. For example, choosing a kick scooter with a larger deck size will provide you with benefits such as making it easier for you to step on and off, the kick scooter provides maximum comfort and it is easier to control it. However, kick scooters with a large deck might be heavy to carry.

  • The deck height matters too

When looking to purchase an adult scooter, you will notice that some have a higher deck height as compared to others. If you are not comfortable here, chances are that you might have problems with the scooter later. To begin with, deck height refers to the distance between the deck’s surface and the ground level. For instance, if you choose a kick scooter with a lower deck height, you will not have to strain while pushing it as your foot is closer to the ground too. In addition to that, the scooter has a lower centre of gravity thereby it is very stable. However, this comes at a cost too. For example, you might have problems navigating the scooter over bumps and other rough terrains due to its lower deck height.

  • Ask if the kick scooter have hand breaks

Most brands of adult kick scooters do not have handbrakes. However, a few brands have handbrakes and if you happen to land your hand on one, do not pass the decision to purchase it. Many people who ride on kick scooters with no handbrakes have to slow this machine down by stepping on the ground (using friction). However, kick scooters with handbrakes allow you to use a more familiar way of stopping the gadgets and everyone can adapt to this easily. In addition to that, handbrakes minimize the chances of causing an accident or avoiding one. Generally, kick scooters with handbrakes have a faster reaction as compared to those that use friction.

  • Consider the kick scooter’s general reputation

At first sight, you may think that the kick scooter for adults you are about to purchase has it all. However, it goes beyond what the scooter can do. If the kick scooter is as good as you think then it must have a good reputation from previous users to back it up. the kick scooter must have reputations such as being durable, sales at affordable prices and is of high quality. While achieving this is not an easy feat, you can start by reading the various reviews available online then comparing what people have to say about it.

Other factors to consider when choosing a kick scooter for adults include checking its folding mechanism and checking its type of suspension.


Picking the best kick scooters for adults is not an easy task. However, when we considered some factors such as the size of the decks, the size of the wheels, the scooter’s ability to last for long and other additional features, we came up with a preview of the top ten of the products above. We believe that the review will be helpful to you in case you are looking to acquire one.


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