Best Scooter has made huge craze among little children since it came to the market. Kids love them because it adds speed to their ways and kids just love speeds! You have a kid of 4-5 years, now or next day he is going to ask you to buy his or her scooter. You will find different types of the scooter, and they also vary basing on girls and boys. Scooters are a plate which has two or three wheels. A handle and kids ride on it only by pushing them forward. For, two-wheeler scooter’s kids have to maintain balance but as for, three-wheeler scooter no balance is needed. So, it depends on your child’s comfort and choice as well. Here, I am going to give you a list of “Best Scooter For 4 or 5 years old.”


Best suitable kids Scooter for 4 and 5-Year-Olds:

There are lots of scooters available in the market depending on the age of your little superman! Three-wheelers are for kids aged 3-4 years. For three-wheeler scooter, your kid doesn’t need to master balance. The scooter will stand on the three-wheel. Every scooter has a neck, and the handle is on the top of the scooter.

The height of the handle is adjustable so don’t worry about the height. Some of the scooters have brakes; it helps to make the riding little easy because when your kid have brakes in his hand, he doesn’t need to use the legs for braking. You can fold the neck of the scooter. The folding option is an important feature that helps in the case of carrying or storing. Some scooters are of less-weight and some are weight-full. There are some things you will need to think about when you are going to buy your child a scooter.


1.AGE: Your kid’s age is, of course, a big issue. Because companies make scooters keeping the age sense of kids in their head. Some scooters are for toddlers and some for four years of kid and some are for five year’s kids. A toddler cannot be able to ride a five years old kid’s scooter. So, when you are going to buy a scooter, do remember the age of your kid.


2.3-WHEELER or 2-WHEELER: Most kids of 5 years can master balance. So, let the little buddy do some fun with balance. You can choose 2-wheel scooter for your 5-year aged kid. But, for 3 or 4 years you have to buy three-wheeler scooter, and for toddlers, also there is a different scooter.My “best scooter for toddlers” will help you to buy a perfect one.


3.BRAKES: Some scooter has brakes. If your kid likes to hold break, buy it. If there is a brake in your kid’s scooter, it helps him. Otherwise, he needs to brake manually by his leg.


4-FOLDING OPTION: There are some neck-folding scooters. You can fold them when you need. It is very useful as you can fold it’s neck and store it easily or carry it easily.


5.WEIGHT: Well, when your prince or princess had enough ride on the scooter and used all of her strength, then she’ll ask you to carry her scooter out! So, there is some lightweight scooter. You have to look very consciously for finding a lightweight scooter.


6.TYPE of SCOOTER: In the market, there are a manual scooter, electric scooters, razor scooter. Keep your kid’s choice here for choosing the desired style scooter.


Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity. ~Kay Redfield Jamison


Before, giving my Best Scooter For 4 or 5 years old list, I want to let you know about the types of Scooter for 4 and 5 Year Olds:


1. 2 wheel scooter: Two wheel scooters run by two wheels. This scooter has a curved tyre lid. You have to press the curved lid for the brake . This is recommended for five-year-old kid. Five years aged kid can master balancing so; you can buy a two wheel scooter for you five-year-old kid. In other features, it can come with brakes or without.

2. 3 wheel scooter: This scooter is recommended for kids aged 3-4 years. It bases on three wheels so your kid doesn’t need to balance on it. It is easy to ride and easy to push. As these scooters are for kids, you will find some fun features like characters, colours, funny face, etc. Its foot base is close to the surface which is safe for your toddler. You will find the “best scooter for toddlers” down these descriptions.

3. Scissor Scooter: These scooters have two different foot plate. Then the two plates are departed it looks like scissors that are why it is called scissor scooter. It gives kids a different type of fun, riding it. The two plates are not always departed. It depends on you, how you like to ride on your scissor scooter. Your kid can also use it as a single footplate scooter, and these scooters are push scooter.

4. Electric scooter: Electric scooters are like two-wheel scooters, but these run on electric. Electric scooters are not that heavy, but they have a little motor under the foot plate. Electric scooters have brakes so that your kid can stop the scooter quickly. Don’t worry; these scooters don’t run too fast because your reliable companies have made electric scooters for kids. If your baby just wants to explore and don’t like to push forward! It is your thing.Here’s The check Some good review about best electric scooter for kids

5. Stunt Scooter: Stunt scooters are mostly at the age of 7 and more. These are robust and ideal for showcasing any stunts or tricks. They usually have excellent grips to make it a reliable one. Stunt scooter can run off road, and it is not a big deal if the surface is not smooth. But, the trick is stunt scooters are too tough, your five years old kid who uses his this with less care, it’ll be a useful thing for you. So, I have decided to quote this scooter on my “Best Scooter For 4 or 5 years old” list.

Ok! I have told you about different types of scooters, things you need to keep in mind when you are buying a scooter, but you also have to know about some scooters. I have prepared a list that covers all the age to 6 years. Hope that, you find your best choice for your kid.




MICRO MINI KICK SCOOTER, PINK: This is a perfect scooter for toddlers. This is a three-wheel scooter. Toddlers use mini micro scooters. These scooters are low-to-ground and light-weight. Toddlers can easily run these micro mini kick scooters. They are kick scooters, so you toddler can quickly kick and speed up his move when he rides it.


You will love to buy this mini scooter mini scooter for your toddler. It has the easy balance technology, and your toddler can easily control it so, you don’t have to worry. It has a smooth steering bars and has a lean-to-steer fun option. This is the fun-giving and safe best scooter for kids that you will love to give it to your kid of 3-4 years.



Here are some features that you may like to know about this stunning scooter:

1. Swiss-designed and it is a light-weight.

2. It is an award winning design and has a lean-to-steer mechanism.

3. Highest quality Polyurethane makes it glides smoothest as possible.

4. Little to the surface.

5. Controls speed.

6. Easy to steer.

7. Has a brake on the back wheel.

8. High quality ensures everyday use.

This how MICRO MINI KICK SCOOTER, PINK becomes my favourite scooter for toddlers, and I’m sure, your toddler will love it as it is one of the “best scooters for toddler”. Try this scooter, and this won’t let you down.




MICRO MAXI KICK SCOOTER with T-BAR: Micro Maxi kids scooter is for bigger kids of 5-8 years old. These are little pro-scooter than the micro mini ones. It has three wheels and a T-bar. The 3-wheels are not only for those guys who cannot master balancing but also for bigger kids. Your kid may like to explore, but he gets tired my walking, here this 3-wheeler maxi scooter can help him to ride unconsciously. He is riding carelessly, or he is concentrating on the lovely beach, here a 2-whel scooter can create some problem. So, you can choose a 3-wheel maxi scooter for your kid.


Its wheelbase in lower to the surface and it gives your kid a superior smoothness while riding it. It has an adjustable handlebar, T-Bar. You can adjust it per your kid’s height. You can not bend it or fold it, but it is way much light than other aluminium 2-wheel push scooter. It is a push scooter with a good-enough brake system on the back wheel.




You will like to know what features MICRO MAXI KICK SCOOTER is offering to you:

1. Lean to steer technology.

2. It is suitable for older kids and can bear more weight up to 44 lbs.

3. Suitable for rough use.

4. Your kid can control speed when riding it.

5. It weighs only 5.5 lbs

6. Polyurethane wheels give more traction on the surface.

7. The foot plate is bigger and larger.

So, you can buy this maxi micro scooter for your child easily. This will give your kid a great comfort and fun in riding. Make your mind, buy it and see your kid having fun with speed!




HOMCOM KIDS 3 WHEELS FOLDABLE PUSH SCOOTER(Scissor scooter): This kind of scooter helps allows you to move your legs liberally. This unique type of scooter has two liberal foot decks, and you can use it separately. It gives you a different experience. The two-foot decks are attached to the pivot, T-bar. You can deliberately move it, and they can move 60 degrees independently. You also can use the foot decks like a single deck.

Homcom Children Kids 3 Wheels Foldable Push Speeder Scooter


HOMCOM FOLDABLE PUSH SCOOTER is an awesome scissor scooter. It has a dual fold platform. Your kid can turn, drift and accelerate it easily and stop with brakes. It has two brakes in two hands. It has a heavy duty-steel frame, and It is rally easy for the rider to control this lovely scooter.


1. 5+ old kids can ride it.It can load up to 60 kgs.

2. Bigger wheels give it the best traction.

3. Heavy duty steel frame.

4.You can fold it for easy transport or storage.

5.Good Brakes let your kid control better and run smoother.

6. This is the ideal for the flat and smooth surface.

There is difference between boys and girls scooter. Now, to give your kid a different experience of speed, buy HOMCOM FOLDABLE PUSH SCOOTER, it is one of the “Best Scooter For 4 or 5 years old” list of mine.


pink for girls:

Black for boys:







RAZOR A KICK SCOOTER: Razor is the most convenient scooter manufacturer for kids age five years. It is a two-wheel scooter and has impressive features. Razor has focused on giving you the best quality scooters and making scooters better and better day by day. It has two wheels, and it has an excellent balancing technology, with it your kid can ride it with much fun. Razor has used Aircraft-grade aluminium, making it. It has superior balancing technology and easily moveable T-bar handle. I recommend it for kids aged five years and older. It has a wide foot plate and a brake on the back tire. 98mm inline-style urethane wheels gave the rider fullest traction and patented rear fender brake.


You can fold it which makes storing more accessible. It has a lean-to-ride technology, and easy braking-system gives your kid stop and start quickly. It is the “best razor scooter for five years old” thus affordable too. It is a handy kick scooter for your kid who loves to move here and there all the time.




1. Component: Aircraft-grade aluminium.

2. T-tube and spacious deck for more comfort

3.The wheels are 98mm inline-style urethane

4.It has fender brake for quick stopping.

5.Adjustable handlebars.

6.Weight capacity up to 55 pounds and for 5 and above aged kids.\

This is the best razor scooter as per my verdict, and your kid will feel exquisite when he will get this handy scooter. So, buy it and give happy scooting to your kid.




RAZOR E100 ELECTRIC SCOOTER:Yes! It is true. Razor has electric scooters. It has a motor under its foot deck and fairly, everything that a motorbike needs! Well, no not everything that a motorbike need but it has brakes, accelerator and a battery run engine.

It has a very decent speed, not too fast for a kid and not less. It runs on 24V Seal Battery System, and you can recharge it with electricity. You have to charge the battery till it is full and as for period, it is 12 hrs. For the first time, you need to charge it for 24 hours. It has a front light and rear brake. You can start the motor with a simple kick and use the boosting technology for high torque. Your prince or princess can drive her electric scooter at the highest speed of 10mph. No need to worry no kid can go to this speed!

It has an 8-inch pneumatic tire for your kid’s smooth riding. Your kid will find this fascinating and full of fun. It gives him extra comfort as there is no need of pushing kicks and this makes it most popular among kids.



1. It uses a 24V battery to run.

2.It can boost a high-torque and has a ultra-quiet chain-driven motor.

3.It starts with a simple kick.

4.Has a hand-operated rear brake.

5.It can run 40 minutes continuously.

6.The charger gets recharged in 12 hours.

7.Easy to drive and control.

The electric razor scooter gives your kid speed and fun. But keep in mind the age of your kid and do not allow to ride it off road. So, don’t think twice about quality just buy it and hear your kids riding it like they are riding their own bike !


BUYING GUIDE/What you consider when you buying a best scooter for your 5 years old kids :

When you are buying a scooter make sure that you likes it. Because he or she is the one who will ride it. Keep age in your mind, your kid’s age is the primary factor that plays here. Scooters vary for ages. There are something you will like to know, big wheels give your kids more safety and comfort. They are easy to ride on. Watch about the foot deck, when the foot deck is big; it is easy to ride. See, if there is brake or not because hand brakes make riding easier.


Look at the T-bar and examine its flexibility and smoothness. For maxi micro, scooters see that if the T-bar is adjustable or not. As for scissor scooters look out for the flexibility of each deck and see how far they are movable. For electric scooters, see if the accelerator is boosting or not and yes, of course, see the motor working. When I bought a electric scooter for my little princess, there were two side-stands! Look twice to ensure your mind and then buy. Don’t make to buy hastily because we buy scooters for our child and little fault can make a big problem. So, Look for a little and then buy with the peace of your mind.



When you are going to buy a scooter, some question will rise, it is natural and I have some ready questions because I also have faced these same questions before.


F A Q s:


1.My child loves speed. Can a scooter minimize the speed?

Answer: Well, scooters run by leg-kick, and if your kid is running at high speed the balancing technology will maintain it. But, ask your kid to keep the speed in control.


2.What is the balancing technology?

Answer: Balancing technology is to distribute the whole body-weight and balance the scooter naturally.

3.For scissor scooters, do they move in or out?

Answer: No, they are fixed.


4.Is there anything to lessen the speed of an electric scooter?

Answer: Yes! There is a hand rear brake to reduce the speed safely.


5. Wearing safety gears is important?

Answer: Oh! yes. I highly recommend wearing safety gears and reduce the possibility of happening any situation.


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